Who's up for an afternoon reveal???

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  1. I'm not into looong, painful reveals....I'm going to make this quick and painless...lol...anyone with me???
  2. Anyone?...no one? Lol...I'm doing this anyway!

    So the USPS guy came bearing a not-so-huge box....
  3. And delivered this....


    ...my loooong-awaited small black gale in goatskin!!!! L-O-V-E it!!!
  4. More photos...repetitive as they may be, i'm posting them anyway 😉😁😛😝



  5. The advantage of working from home...i don't have to wait to get home in the evening hours to open my box of happiness and enjoy it! Lol! Thanks for letting me share...hopefully some of you will be here later to share my joy 👍😊😉😍😁.... Can't stop smiling 😊😊😊
  6. Awww, just got on. Wonderful classic combo!!
    Contratulations!!!! Enjoy using her often.
  7. Oh yay!!! Thanks for being here hrhsunshine!!!

    I've been searching for so long that I never thought I'd ever find a small gale in a neutral color on sale!
  8. It's the perfect size to carry my everyday junk!

    I literally dumped everything from my small Fendi Chameleon into this small gale and voila! It's an awesome size! It's more organized now but it looked like this earlier in the middle of my excitement! Lol
  9. Very nice, congratulation! Would you mind posting a mod shot?
  10. Junk that baby up! Enjoy your new gale!
  11. Thanks Stansy! I will post mod pics probably tomorrow. ☺️
  12. Lol, i sure will!!

  13. Waaaa! Congrats she's a beauty :heart: You really fill her up eh? Hahaha! Nightingale is my next purchase and will definitely doing a reveal after getting it. Thank you for sharing your gale!
  14. Thanks!! I do tend to fill my bags up which is why I wanted to try the small gale. I also find that this one is easier to carry using the shoulder strap compared to the medium. I still love my medium gale but for now, li'l miss small gale it is. :smile:

  15. My mom have a gale in medium and I am in love it! I often bagnap it in her close. I really love how slouchy and soft the bag is. i packed it too w/ my entire life hahaha