Who's up for a reveal?!

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  1. So after my recent Mabel dilemmas, I decided to treat myself... who wants to see?


    Apologies for the size of the images but I can't shrink them on this computer!

    Also, I may have to abandon the thread mid-reveal as my son is about to go to bed and I'll be called up to help!
  2. Quick then!!
  3. me please :biggrin:
  4. To give you an idea of size...

  5. Me please! Can't wait to see xx
  6. Sneaky peek of the colour! Which I would like to point out is waaaaaay greener than it actually is. It's more deep with a hint of turquoisy whereas these pics show it quite bloody bright (and urgh!)


    Any guesses?
  7. This one will probably give it away!


    (And I've just been called!!! Back in 20mins or so. Sorry :shame: )
  8. Oh I don't recognise it! Maybe an emerald purse! Xx
  9. Ooh, exiting....Mabel purse and???
  10. Gorgeous colour...
  11. Colour looks lovely, a purse? :biggrin:
  12. Hurrar for the photobucket iPhone app! Now I can nurse and forum at the same time!

  13. You're right and Kriscat is spot on the money :smile:

  14. Lovely !!
  15. :biggrin: Love it x