Who's tried J Brand Jeans? What do you think?

  1. I'm looking online at J Brand Jeans... Ive never seen or tried them on in person. (What stores sell them?) I was wondering for those who've tried them...How's the fit and how do you like them overall? What other brands do you wear? What's your body shape?

    I'm petite but I do have muscular legs. I usually need roomier thigh and hip area but I have a small waist which makes buying pants a pain. I have Sevens in a size 25, TR bobby's in a 25 (depending on the cut sometimes i can get into a 24 other times a 24 is so small i can't even get into it.) I have Citizens in a 25 (though the waist is too big). Will J brand be a good fit for me? Im scared they'll be too skinny for my form. I'm looking at the 14" cigarette leg, should I try it? If so do they run true to size witht he other brands? Im not sure if I should order a 24, 25, or 26. Thanks!! :p
  2. i love j brand. the fits vary depending on the style and the wash, but i find the 14" is roomy through the thigh. here's revolve's fit guide on the 14" cigarette:

    The Cigarette leg jean from J Brand runs true depending on the wash. The washes that tend to run large are, Ink, White, Black, Aged, Lapis, Charcoal and Grey. The washes that often run small are Jett, Silver Fox and Dark Vintage. These jeans often stretch so while they are fitted upon purchase please consider they will stretch with wear.

    the lovestory fit and 10" and 12" are not so roomy though the thigh. hope that helps!
  3. I :heart: J brand!!!
    the only brand that really minimizes my massive thighs!

    I was so excited I bought two (ink and black)

    I am 158cm 48 kg and very curvy not to mention (again) with massive thighs :sweatdrop:
    Reading from your post, I think we have a similar body shape, I like you, is 25 in Seven and COH and sometimes 24 in TR so I really recommend J Brand!
  4. I have 2 pairs of them in the straight-leg fit. I like the dark-blue (ink) ones but for some reason I'm not so in love with the gray ones anymore. I do think they are a bit on the plain side.
  5. Have some, love them and want more.

    I don't really have muscular legs, and they fit fairly well everywhere, just get abit baggy under my bum (but my rocks do this too).