Who's totally hooked on Starbucks?

  1. I have 2 venti light Mocha Frappuccino's a day:shame: hummmmm & I wonder why I can't get these last 5 lbs off!!

    I need to quit but I still find myself going everyday. I decided to add up how much I spent at starbucks for the month of August. Are you ready for this???.......$322:wtf:

    If anything seeing what I spend on paper has to help me break my habit.

    Please tell me I'm not alone.
  2. nope. not alone. we don't have a lot of starbucks here, so my habit is just fancy coffee in general. i only let myself buy them on my days off. i make myself drink free coffee when i'm working.

    the adding it all up though really does work....that's what broke my habit.
  3. I really like this strawberry and cream shake my husband gets me everyday, not really feeling there coffees, can anyone recommend anything?
  4. I LOVE IT! there are none in my area though

    carmel creme frap !!YUM
  5. Hello, my name is Julie and I am a Starbucks addict!!! :shame:

    Yep, guilty as charged. I have one every day. I always have a vente single shot skinny latte with Caramel.

    Its my only vice though, I do not eat chocolate so this is my daily treat. But yet, if I cannot get to Starbucks I become a grumpy pants!! :yes:

    Its ok, you sooo are not alone ;)
  6. I used to have a grande Chai every day. Sometimes two. But I swear it was making me fat! lol So now it's only once in a while.
  7. Me! Don't ever ask me to give up on Starbucks, I'll suffer.
  8. Unrepenting Starbucks addict! I'm also a grumpy pants if I don't get my daily fix!

    It DOES add up though so I've given up my lattes and now I get an Americano each day. I feel like I've already been "good" by whittling my twice a day habit to just my morning coffee.

    That $322 could've gotten you an LV koala agenda! (at least when I take the $375 Canadian price and convert it into USD).

    I've just become resigned to the fact that I don't have any way around it b/c the office coffee is disgusting so my only way is to cap myself off so I reload $25 bi-weekly (so $50 Canadian a month) and if I run out of money on my starbucks card then I'll just have to go cold turkey. My hope for the sake of those who are around me is that I don't run out or else Ms. Grumpy Pants will reign!
  9. Hi, my name is Megs, and I am a starbucks addict for 8 years now. It is clockwork for me... everyday at least once a day "Grande Soy no water Chai". It adds up, but it is my fix... I NEED it! :roflmfao:
  10. Wow thats a lot of money when you add it all up! I prefer Caffé Nero to Starbucks so I tend to go there most times instead. Starbucks I go to about once a month.
  11. Hi, I would like an iced, Venti, non-fat, Carmel Machiato, stirred please!
    I am a teacher, of course I have a pretty serious coffee addiction.
    I have a friend who works at SB and she gives me her free coffee every other week. Also, I bought my own espresso maker to help with the cost. It's a big investment at one time but totally worth it.
    In Vegas, there is a Starbucks on every corner. Literally.
  12. I'm from Seattle so guess what? Starbucks here is like our 7-11! In fact, there's more Starbucks than 7-11! I go to the one at my work 2x/day, drinking a grande soy marble mocha macchiatto with whip cream. SOOOOO yummy! I reload my Starbux card every week for $40 coz I go thru so much. Wow! I could save that $$ and buy a new purse instead.

    Speaking of which, it's 8:30 AM! I need to go down and get another one:P
  13. I like the loyalty cards at Nero, as they soon add up to a free cup, but find the coffee far too strong even on a single shot. I have a half shot if I have to go to neros :yes:
  14. Apply for the Starbucks Visa card. They reward you with $25 Starbuck$ right away and you accumlate points on your purchases with that card. All points get converted to Starbuck$ - kind of like frequent flyer miles. I make my husband use if for work every once in a while and he gets it cranked up to 100 Starbuck$ and then I don't have to worry about spending cash for coffee!!

    Great way to feed your addiction!
  15. You could definitely call me a Starbucks addict.

    My usual is a grande nonfat caramel machiato, but I also love the vanilla latte, the vanille iced latte, and today I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. If I am really in a crummy mood, or have PMS :P (great excuse, eh?) I will order a white chocolate mocha with whip!

    I try to limit my trips there to twice a week...but it's so hard. My day just starts off better with a grande in my hand!

    Although, it is ironic to me that I don't really like their regular coffee. For that, I order in Hawaiian coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters, and make that at home or in my office. The coconut flavor is unbelievable! Takes me back to my trip to Maui every time. :yes: