Who's This Katt Williams Guy?

  1. Never heard of him before a few weeks ago, but he's been in the news nearly every other day for one arrest or another. He gets involved in a chase by police, a couple of fights and assaults. Then he's making threats, faces charges of child neglect and is found with a stolen gun.

    Is he trying to catch up with LiLo?

    Stories say he's a comedian?
  2. Good question!!
  3. He's a comedian. He's pretty funny when he's not acting like a fool. Don't know what's going on with his personal life.
  4. Did you see the video of him slapping the Target employee?


  5. His old stand-up routines are CLASSIC!!!!! But nowadays, he's a freaking nutcase.
  6. This is just one story circulating today:

  7. So, what is he ..... trying to be the next Eddie Murphy/Richard Pryor?
  8. Pimp Chronicles still makes my dad die of laughter.
  9. He was a hilarious comedian... I didn't know he was involved in all this. I'm honestly shocked so many people haven't heard of him!

  10. Church.
  11. True but he's got nothin' on my man Dave Chappelle.

    I die every time I see the skit with him and Wayne Brady.

  12. Fake. Every target I have been in, they all wear uniforms
  13. Target said the employee was fired after the incident.
  14. It's not fake.

    He actually did hit that Target employee.
  15. If I even mention that skit my bf goes into hysterics. He loves it!