who's this balenciaga beauty?

  1. hey girls look what I just bought on Ebay...seller told me it's about 2 years old...anyone has an idea what style it's called, when it was made, whether it´s discontinued????
    I couldnt find anything like it on atelier Naff, and the tag numbers weren´'t listed either
    I find it so feminine and versatile, sure it doesnt have the signature tassels and hardware but already the classique-esque shape
    Do you girls like it? be honest!
    IMG_6802.JPG IMG_6804.JPG IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6807.JPG
  2. I think it's pretty :love: I love the shape, it's definitely very feminine and you're right it does remind me of the Classique. I have no idea what year it came from though... I'm sure somebody here will know. Mimi? LP? Anyone?

    Oh, and CONGRATS on the rare find!
  3. thanks hatikuh its always nice to hear good comments from other b fans especially when you go for a "less popular" style and also coming from someone who has great bags (Ive seen urs on other threads love them!)
  4. olfa, i think it is beautiful, honest! the shape reminds me of a purse/shopper style but with thicker leather.
    it's such a rare find, you should be very proud :yahoo:
  5. very pretty! Elegant. I saw a similar one from this season in person and it was very nice as well...congrats!
  6. Thanks to you all! I'll sure send pix of me wearing it when I get it, otherwise there seems to be something on this bag on Naff (this girl is just too good) under design evolution atelier.naff: Design evolution (yes, it's another Balenciaga post)
    she has a picture of a white/beige one, it's weird cause I've been in Balenciaga stores and retailers often these last few months and I don't think I ever saw one of these "spin off" styles...or maybe it's because I was hypnotised by other styles that I already wanted so bad...:nuts:
  7. It's not so much a spin-off of the purse as the prototype - it's an older bag, from before the motorcycle version of the purse was introduced. I really like it. Interesting closure, too. I've seen it in light pink, black, canvas - not sure what other colors it was made in. They pop up from time to time on eBay - and for whatever reason, they're usually in really good condition.
  8. I like it! It's really different. Is it goat leather?
  9. thanks bbagbubba!, I haven't got it between my hands yet but I don't know... is there actually a way to tell goat leather when you don't actually have the original composition tags?
  10. Hi there!

    I actually owned this bag, but with the leather trim and black canvas. I think it was either from 2002 or 2003. I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus locally - they had it in the all leather version in both black and a cognac/tan color, and another canvas version with the tan leather trim and khaki canvas body.

    It's a really great bag...seeing yours makes me wish that I still owned it!
  11. oh hey Suli, so glad to hear that you've owned a similar one ! so did it have like a name? do you know what sort of leather it is (goat?) also why did u get rid of it? do you remember for how much it retailed? (lots of questions I know:shame:smile:
  12. Oooh, SuLi, I'm glad to have confirmation that there was a cognac/tan color! Mmm... still looking...
  13. I don't remember the bag having a name since I purchased it from Neiman's directly. I do remember that the bags were having a hard time selling...they were there for months. I think the all leather version might have been around $895 or $995 while the leather/canvas version cost around $795. I don't remember what kind of leather it was - it seemed pretty soft. And, I sold it because I decided that I wanted a Marc Jacobs Stella.

    I'm sorry that I wasn't more helpful!
  14. thanks for the input Suli, anything is helpful really, as Im trying to konw everything about my new baby !:girlsigh: