who's these Bidder 1, Bidder 2, Bidder 3 and so on on b bags auction?

  1. i kept on seeing them a lot on b bags eBay auction...

    did they ever win anything? or just bidding?
  2. With auctions with higher start prices eBay have now introduced a system where the id of the bidders is not disclosed to protect identity. They are given a number depending on the order in which they bid. The seller can still see all the user id's. Its basically to protect against spammers etc.
  3. COPY FROM eBay "As the internet evolves, eBay continues to strike a balance between preserving transparency and protecting our Community of members. eBay has decided to change how bid history information is displayed so bad guys cannot target bidders with fake offers using this information. In certain cases, some bidders will no longer be able to view Bidder User IDs on the Bid History page. Your User ID will be shown only to you and the seller of the item you're bidding on. Other members will see an anonymous name, such as Bidder 1, applied consistently to the Bid History page."
  4. oooh... now that makes sense :p
  5. Confusing right??
  6. pretty much :p
  7. but this allows shill bidding.
  8. i was suspecting that too :p
    because i saw this auction on ebay on a bubblegum first, well it's a pretty bag, but the bid now reaches over 2000$ :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  9. yup i saw that auction too! sad, because i'd rather get the spam.
  10. Apparently there's been a bit of an uproar about it on the Ebay Buyer boards. They've gone as far as to have a buying 'strike' this week -not sure if it's had an effect or not.
  11. I am not the seller of the bag but I know the person that is and there has not been shill bidding on that auction.

    how funny!
    yea, i just read that last night!
  13. The one good thing is new bidders still show the "new icon" which is a little yellow glowing guy. So even though you can't see the bidder, you can see if it's a new bidder.
  14. i'm sorry, i don't mean to offend or accusing anyone :p
  15. No, I understand as everyone is used to most bidding taking place at the last minute. Some ebayer's still do bid before that and that is what happened with this bag. It is in amazing condition for an 05 Bubblegum and they do not come up on ebay that often. Plus with no new pinks in Bal future it makes a nice bag like this even more rare. I just felt like I needed to comment because the seller is my friend and she would never allow any funny stuff like shill bidding to go on in her auctions.