Who's the true handbag expert?

  1. Out of all my friends I can truly say that I'm the expert. I'm lucky to have a few girlfriends that are into bags also. :biggrin:

    How about you? Are you the expert? Do you know anyone that knows a lot more about handbags than you?
  2. Out of all my girlfriends I'm the true handbag expert :biggrin: No contest! My boyfriend even agrees. Nobody! :lol:

    Now, in this forum. Each member has their own area of expertise. I :love: it.
  3. Out of my friends, I'd probably know the most only because I spend so much time learning from everybody on PF! With that said, I don't think I know half as much as most ppl here! :shame:
  4. I guess out of all my friends i'd have to be the handbag expert.......since all my friends are guys (i'd be scared if they knew more about bags than i did)......although my boyfriend's getting there
  5. I am, hands down.
    Im also the fashion expert, too.
    But I get paied to be, so it's easy ;)
  6. I love that, too! :nuts:

    No one I know in real life is into handbags. They could not care less about bags :lol: The only time someone I know talks about bags is when they see me with a new one and say, "Another bag?!" :P
  7. I'm the LV expert. People always ask me if a purse is real. hehe I wish my friends shared my love of purses, though.
  8. I am, without a doubt, the reigning queen of knowledge in designer fashion/handbags/footwear in my small circle. They all bow to me. :smile:
  9. ^^^ :lol:
  10. i am definetely the expert out of my friends.. except on coach (one of my friends is obsessed with their handbags!). i even have educated my brother a bit! haha
  11. You took the words right out of my mouth, Cristina!:P
  12. Of my friends, it's definitely me. I have one friend who insists that every time she sees me I have a new bag...she might be right! :smile:

    Another friend saw my Chloe Kerala, said it was nice & then told me all about the new Fossil bag she bought on sale!

  13. At least your hubby knows you are obsessed with them. My hubby knows but only to a certain extent.

    I agree, each member brings something of their expertise.
  14. Oh yeah, he knows. He also says he's never met a purse connoisseur like me :lol: and tells all of his friends that. They all agree :biggrin:
  15. Yes, definately. But then I come on here, and there are girls who know waaay more than me. :smile: