who's the pop


pop of the teens

  1. lindsay lohan

  2. nicole richie

  3. mischa barton

  4. rachel bilson

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  1. which one do you choose from these teen pops? although they have the same stylists, but they still have their own individual style...
  2. i'm sooo confused, i like rachel bilson's variety of wardrobe and how she mixes vintage and designer, but honestly i really envy lindsay's wardrobe. but i guess i vote for bilson, her style is something that money can't buy while lindsay's style is everything that money can buy
  3. I like Rachel she's funny, pretty and her style is unique. Out of the whole list I think she's dresses the best but I know that they do have times where they don't dress like they should or be on the worst dress list. I think as long as u r comfortable with ur style that's all that matters.
  4. yeah, i love her style, not just her dress. i also adore her jovovich hawk pieces she wore sometimes. they're so cuteee
  5. Rachel wins for most normal!
  6. Rachel B. She's funky, feminine, a little vintage. Great style.
  7. i like lindsay's bag collection but rachel's clothes...
  8. I vote for Rachel too. She's not over the top and still looks fab, whether glamorous or laid-back. She looks good in anything and she's got such a cute face! Can't help but adore her boyfriend either :roflmfao:
  9. Lindsay has an awesome bag collection. She gets my vote.
  10. I have to say lindsay lohan.
  11. As much as I love Lindsay Lohan...I choose Rachel Bilson, I like her style better!
  12. Ditto!
  13. I love LiLo and Mischa both. Probably because they're both Chanel girls.
  14. I actually like (most of the time) LiLo's dress sense.
  15. geez... it's almost a tie between lilo and bilson... it's so exciting :biggrin: