who's the idiot here?

  1. hello ladies...! :yahoo:

    I've saving up to buy a classic flap for quite some time, and since my dad is flying to dubai next week, i thought that it'd be the perfect opportunity for me to get one at a cheaper price... because i havent made up my mind of the size that i want, i went to the only chanel boutique we have here today to have a look. As i began talking to the SA, i realised that we were completely talking two different languages! I asked her of the sizes as in 226, 227 etc and to my complete horror, she had no clue what those were, and instead corrected me by giving me a lengthy lecture on '2.55'. I told her i knew what 2.55 is and where the name came from, and that i was talking about the sizes... She then asked me where i learned this from (226, 227.. etc) and when i said it was from the internet (tpf to be exact).. she concluded by telling me that those must be fakes and that chanel does not label their bags as such.
    I was mortified but decided to let her have her way. Is this really true? 90% of me thinks this SA is a fool, but she seemed sooo sure of herself that i almost had myself trusting her. Oh, i also asked for the e/w and she said there is no such bag with that name. ggrrrrr....

    seriously, what's going on here? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I had a similar experience yesterday in the New York City Soho boutique -- (see my "starter bag" thread). She clearly said Chanel does not name their bags, but that sometimes they "go by" certain names. I dunno ...
  3. firstly, i think the 225, 226 and 227 sizes are only applicable to reissue 2.55. the upcoming S/S reissues no longer use these sizing / style # and have completely different style #. if you're talking about a classic flap - the sizes are mini, small, med/large and jumbo. e/w means east west in long. i suppose this is a term known to us on the forum to describe the shape of the bag (eg: e/w for longer widths and n/s for heights that are longer). some SAs call the e/w the pochette, single flap or the longer flap. IMO, the best way to describe it is the single chain flap.
  4. aaahh now this makes sense.. thanks ladydeluxe! :smile: but sometimes people still use the 225, 226.. etc to refer to their classic flaps here, no?
  5. EASY! - the S/A - what a bozo!

    she has NO idea who you are. You could be a return buyer coming back buying many bags from her, making her money and frankly paying so she can have a pay check.
    Yes, I understand Chanel may be calling bags different names or referring to different styles in different ways, but that besides the point to me.
    I would fired any sales person that had a customer leaving the store "mortified" by a "Ms Right" stupid sales person.

  6. i don't know, but i hardly come across that. when people talk about 225, 226.. the first thing that comes to mind is the reissue. sometimes we compare our classic flap sizing to the reissue sizing. they can be found in specifics in the reference library. the classic flap sizing is very different from the reissue sizing. for example, the size 226 reissue is a size in between the classic medium/large flap and the classic jumbo flap. the size 227 reissue is a little bit larger than the classic jumbo flap.

    hope that helps!
  7. wow thats a lot of info for me to digest.. thanks for the help!

    and lady_chinadoll, the SA might have been rude, but i guess she was right! heeheeee...
  8. ^ no worries! you could always get started at the reference library.. it has really useful and priceless info! soon you'll be even educating your SAs!! :graucho:
  9. lol! i look forward to that day...

    heading to the reference library now!
  10. Well if you are shopping for a timeless classic flap then yes your SA would have been confused about 226 vs. 227, etc. Like ladydeluxe pointed out those are commonly used for the 2.55 bags.

    The numbers 224, 225, 226, 227, 228 refer to the last three numbers of the style code (A30224, A30225, A30226, A30227, A30228).

    So beginning in 2005 when the 2.55's were reintroduced we have been referring to them by the last three numbers of the style code to help describe their size.

    Also, in smaller boutiques the SA's don't know as much about popular names for bags as SA's from larger boutiques.
  11. do you live in Vienna? :biggrin: The SA I spoke to didn't even know the name Reissue, another didn't know the sizes in 225... as well. So, not your fault lol
  12. hi Laira! this is what happened to me when I first asked about Chanel sizes from my boutique in Europe too!
    this is simply because the boutiques here did not use the 224...228 codes to refer to bags as it was /is used in the States or Canada I guess!
    Even in English speaking countries like the UK most of the SAs did not understand customers/fers when they used the above reference( see some previous posts at the "Chanel UK club" in the Chanel shopping subforum)
    in the past they used to refer to the sizes as the small/med/large/XL

    From now on they will use the length measurement in centimetres as a means of reference aka:

    20 (for the new smaller reissue)

    24 (for the new 225 reissue)

    28 (for the new 226 reissue)

    32 (for the new 227 reissue)

    35 or 36 (for the new 228 reissue)

    Apart from the above also THE CODES AND SIZES HAVE CHANGED TOO:

    here are the new codes of the new reissues:

    20= A 37584

    24= A 37586

    28= A 37587

    32= A 37590

    36= A 37591

    I personally welcome this change Chanel has made so
    E-BAY RESELLERS WON'T PASS OLD REISSUES AS NEW ONES AND ASKING ATRONOMICAL PRICES FOR THEM ,that's what my local b MA gave me as an explanation for their changes in codes and sizes

    here's some more info posted recently for everyone's convenience:

  13. ladydeluxe- Good Job:flowers:! well explained (sometimes I gorget how "youngh" you are!):smile: you must love Chanel.....hopefully one of my daughters will inherit my 'Chanel genes" too:roflmfao:
  14. My SA said the same thing to me about not listening to the names people call them on the internet, I almost felt for one moment that she really didn't know what she was talking about when I was asking her certain questions, I thought a good suggestion would be for maybe her to hop a a forum and learn a little short hand lingo, I mean it can only make her some more sales and not hurt her. This was also the same SA that venomonly denied a purse increase and told me to stay out of chat rooms, because she would know before some internet junkies, yikes. I guess nobody likes being told about there job. Ya live and learn.
  15. I don't know about the 228 size, but my purple metallic A35790 (formerly A30227) is the same length and height as my blue patent 227, and the only difference is that it is 2 inches deeper (4 inches vs. 2 inches deep).