Who's the coolest celeb mom?


Who's the coolest celeb mom?

  1. jennifer garner

  2. gwen stefani

  3. angelina jolie

  4. madonna

  5. Gwyneth Paltrow

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  1. i voted gwen but i love jennifer,too.:p
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Since you asked for the "coolest" I voted for Gwen as well!
  3. Angie.
  4. The others:

    Jen would be best mom.
    Angelian Jolie would be the mother most likely to save the world.
    Madonna would be most religious mom. LOL
    Gywneth Paltrow would be most down to earth.
  5. Definitely Angelina....
  6. "Coolest" - I think Gwen :yes:
  7. 'coolest' - it would have to be Gwen,

    'stylish' for me at the moment - Angie

    and yeah, I agree Gwyneth is down to earth.
  8. I vote for Gwen
  9. Gwen is my girl! I love her style and she rocks. Well, she rocked much more when in No Doubt but still.. Besides, she dresses up her babyboy in the cutest outfits.
  10. Angelina, Gwen and Victoria
  11. I choose Gwyneth, because she seems the most normal of them all.
  12. Gwen is "cool".
    Madonna is the MOST SUPER DUPER famous, wealthiest, can get you anything you want mom.
    Gwyneth is the "earthy" mom.
    Jen Garner is the "tomboy" mom.
    And Angie is the "world peace, always traveling, working mom".
  13. most definitely gwen stefani, she's awesome!!!
  14. Madonna......and then of course Gwyneth!
  15. I'm not sure what your definition of "cool" is. But if I had to choose from the above to be my mother it would be either Angie or Jen.