Tech Who's still using Facebook after all the fines, lawsuits and privacy violations?

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  1. 5 Billion dollar fine by the US.

    35 Billion dollar Class Action Lawsuit

    Revelation they've recorded and transcribed voice conversations.

    A few others in recent weeks.

    If you're still using it, WHY?

    (Wasn't there a computer section?)
  2. Because it’s convenient to keep in touch with some people.
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  3. Never used it
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  4. Quit it years ago, then rejoined for a couple years, then quit permanently and am so glad I did. The business model of gross violation of user data sickens me. That goes for any site where the content is created by you and me, to some extent, I realize.
  5. Never was and so very glad about that.
  6. There are any number of other ways to do that. Remember telephones? Letters in the mail?
  7. I don’t need your condescending tone.
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  8. Use it every day. Personally don't care about all the privacy issues going on.
  9. I think the thread starter is more interested in calling People out who don't agree with their point of view than starting a meaningful thread . This is the Purse Forum not CNN. I also check in on my Friends and Family through Facebook too. Fully expecting to have a mean post written to me also.
  10. Not as quick and convenient particularly with the number of users on Facebook. Not even close. Having said that, I’m not a Facebook fan. But let’s be honest it’s far more convenient and easy to reach people. I’ve had people find me who i lost contact with for more than 25 years.

    Edit... you appear to have a gripe with Facebook. To each his/her own.
  11. I’m using Facebook, I use it mainly to stay in touch with friends and family in other countries.
  12. I've disabled mine, but at the moment, I am a part of way too many informative FB groups pertaining to my business to quit. I would lose a lot of money & information if I couldn't keep up. That being said, I might make a new account just to stay in the loop.
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    I have it, but not that active on it. I do most if not all of my connecting by texting. For me it's not about the political fallout bs, I could care less. it's just more convenient for me to text. As for phone calls, I only use it when urgent information that needs to be conveyed back-and-forth right-away.
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