Who's shopping tomorrow?

  1. Anyone (other than me) PCE-ing tomorrow?

    My SA called last night and told me to "come on!!!" on Friday ....:tup:
  2. I can't until next week anyway, so I am on pins and needles until then! LOL!!!!
  3. I think I may stop in my local boutique and see if anything rocks my world!
  4. *jumping up and down* I am!:yahoo:
  5. I might do this as well...I gave my PCE card away but I might just tell them I "forgot" it at home.

    I'm dying for an ink blue bag.
  6. do all stores let you shop early, or only certain sa's will let you do it?
  7. *I* *CANNOT* *WAIT* ! ! !

    I'm going on a long lunch.... how'm I supposed to focus all morning?? hehe
  8. LOL- VooDoo- Me too! Have a hair appointment right after lunch then off to Coach!