whos seen the new LV charm bracelet with the coral ?

  1. i saw the most adorable LV charm bracelet.. im not sure whether its available in stores yet, i saw it in Vogue... it had coral and all these really adorable charms on it... unlike the traditional charm bracelet.. this one was really funky!!!! :love: and it wasnt attached to an actual bracelet... it looked like gold rope/thread.... i will try and get a pic....
  2. cant find the bracelet... but this is the necklace :love:
    i wonder how much it goes for....
  3. I don't like this piece...SORRY.
  4. That is cute. How much?
  5. [​IMG]

    It's turquoise, pearl, coral and diamond so I'd imagine it'd be pretty pricey. Over 10k for sure.
  6. Aww.. so pricey, but so cute !
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
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  13. The coral is lovely, but I can see it not agreeing with my pocketbook.
  14. Thanks Jason.....These Pieces Are Gorgeous!
  15. hey Jason, thanx for posting those... ive been looking for pics everywhere... im lovin the necklace... i love the simplicity of it with only a few pieces hanging off it. Im not loving the ring tho, or the hair bobbles for that matter... i really dislike LV hair accessories, they are so 80s... Chanel make the best headbands...