Who's ready for fall/winter (COATS)?

  1. I absolutely love shopping for the season...I love crisp mornings (reminds me of waiting for the schoolbus) giving way to early winter chill. I know, I'm a freak. :roflmfao:

    I just bought a Mackage black wool coat and I'm in :heart: love :heart: I also snapped up a little Walter cropped wool plaid jacket, so cute...I'm looking forward to getting a nice new puffy down coat and a wool trench too! I also bought a yellow wool baby doll coat by Charles Gray but I'm thinking that may go back.

    What are you getting/have you gotten?
  2. I adore the puffy down coats when trimmed with fur; Neiman's have some decent ones in.

    It is getting colder though!
  3. I have been looing forward to wearin fall clothing and coats since July. I love beautiful wool coats, trenches, fur coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and boots. I live for fall. Love it!
  4. I hear ya. I am such a fall/winter person, and this year it seems my obsession is indeed coats. I've bought 3 leather jackets, and 2 other coats, and I keep seeing new ones I like... I'm not going to have money left for bags if I keep this up :lol:
  5. Yup, I love it when I can break out my coats. I haven't bought anything yet, but I'm looking for a nice, dark brown wool/cashmere coat with a clean cut.
  6. mundodabolsa- oh I forgot about the leather coats too! I am dying to get this Mackage:


    And I love this one too:

    And Perfect Day, I don't wear fur but I am definitely on the lookout for a fab puffer!
  7. Oh I love this time of year too. There's something very warm and sensuous about snuggling into beautiful sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, etc. I have a pretty good coat collection but am looking for something to replace my lovely black cashmere pea coat which is going on 13 years old...looks great but a little worn.
  8. Love, love, love coats! This might be a crazy request but I am looking for a fitted wool buffalo plaid (large red and black check) coat for fall/winter. Anyone have any sugestions?
  9. The Charles Gray is going back. I browsed through Nordie's site to see what else could grab me, and I found this:


    I wish it came in another color besides black, but it'll be different for my wardrobe anyway.

    This is the Charles Gray - I posted about it earlier. It's very cute and well-made (Made in England) but I like the Laundry better.

  10. I love shopping for fall/winter. I can't wait to curl up in a cashmere sweater:smile: I've been window shopping for the perfect peacoat & maybe another down parka. Gotta prepare for the cold! Havn't found any that blew me away yet, although TJ Maxx had a very nice Cinzia de Rocca herringbone pea coat. I may have to go back & snag it. I love the feel of Cinzia's wool coats.
  11. fanaddict I can't see your pics but 1 of my leather jackets I just got is indeed a mackage. It's really high quality leather and well made, well worth the price.
  12. hmph, I wonder where all of my pics went :p

    I crave the first one!!
    0475082755368_ASTL_300x400.jpg 0475087484522_ASTL_300x400.jpg
  13. ^^I love the first jacket. Who designs it?
  14. They're both by Mackage!