Who's ready for Bleecker Monday!?

  1. I can't wait to finally go see some of these Bleecker bags in person! Here's a few of my faves. What do you think ? Which ones are you eyeballin' ????:woohoo::tup:
  2. I am eyeing the XL Duffle in ink with matching accessories
  3. ok...I failed to post pics!! here we go again!....

  4. also like these two....


  5. are they coming on the website tomorrow, too? i can't make it to a store tomorrow and i want to see them so bad!
  6. It's nothing that I "must have" but I just want to see everything in person.
  7. I have seen the Bleeker Bags in person at a Flagship store in Manhattan and there are quite a few bags that I love. The large duffles are gorgeous as are the flap bags. The Satchels are not in the stores yet but will be arriving in early October.
  8. I think I'm going for a flap hobo in the wine color. I'm not really fond of all the larger leather bags in the collection.
  9. Nice!!!!!
  10. I just saw some of the bags and wallets in person tonight. There's a new store that opened up near me and they had the Bleeckers in. Even though I couldn't get the discount from them I got the large flap bag in Ink tonight :yahoo:. I love it!!. I'll take some photos in the morning.
  11. i actually really like that swingpack.
  12. Congrats on your new bag! Please post pics!!!! I'm actually on a BAN until Spring but I still get excited when new collections come out.:graucho: Some of these Bleeckers will be fun to see in person! Hopefully, they update the website on Monday as well.
  13. Dillard's has all those bags already, I saw them today. The large duffle is HUMONGOUS, and I like big bags, but this one is huge. The medium one would be the one for me. That first pic you posted is my favorite.
  14. :hysteric: Me! I'm soooo ready to see the new Bleeker line! I can't wait to try on the large duffle esp. in wine...and then later in Nov.-- the magenta! The ones modeled in the front cover of the catalogue-- are they the large or extra-large? Is there even an XL category???
  15. Hmmm... Not the collection for me. :nogood: