who's ready for a much deserved reveal?

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  1. I know i have to use my foot as much as i can even tho im in agony so by the time i get home i feel really poorly and in a lot of pain so have to relax all night. haha its okay and thanks :smile:
  2. I love these coloured cases, it's gorgeous in pink. Congrats sunblock.
  3. OMG! What a beautiful family!! Soo jealous!:smile:
  4. I used my plaster pink SBS today but guess what i forgot to take a modelling pic doh i shall try and remember tomorrow :smile:
  5. Yes please! That'd be great! :smile: Plaster Pink SBS is so pretty! :smile:
  6. [​IMG]


    Bit upset have got home and its got a bit of colour transfer on the back its never happened to me before :sad: i might have to sell the bag now even tho some has come off but i know it will drive me mental this jeans are going in the wash now think its coz there new its done it
  7. I know its a bugger! I've washed my jeans a few times and I don't find that it helps TBH. I look at it that at least the mark is on the back which isn't seen most of the time :smile:
  8. Beautiful bag! I am biased though because I got the same bag last month. I'm afraid to say I got colour transfer from a pair of jeans that have been washed hundreds of times! I think I will only dare to wear this bag with leggings & dresses. I thought beings it was patent it would be waterproof, etc & not need babying.
  9. Its funny coz ive worn jeans with same patent bags before and never had a problem oh well i shall see if it makes any difference once they have been washed bought new ones because my others dont fit.

  10. The mod shots are great, Sunblock! Looks great on you and looks lovely with your pink cardi as well!

    Disappointing about the colour transfer. I used my mini pebbled beige ss alexa this weekend and it had a bit of colour transfer from my black cotton skirt. I was really disappointed but I used some Collonil leather gel on it and most of it came off, only the colour transfer on a few stitches are left. I'm not sure whether the leather gel is ok to use on patent or not but it's worth looking into.

    Like Becca, I will only be using her with leggings and a select few dresses and skirts from now on!
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