who's ready for a much deserved reveal?

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  1. ITs not really dark quite bright its the light i think
  2. Just looked at your new family pic, gorgeous bags again Sunblock, so sorry that you are still in pain x
  3. Either way it looks lovely. Very excited for mine I arrive :smile:
  4. Ahh thanks its a long process hoping its all worth it in the end, just getting fed up of feeling poop
  5. I have a modelling shot of ss alexa which came out with me today
  6. Lovely bags and accessories SB - hope you're soon back in full health.:smile:
  7. Lovely phone case and modelling shot! The SS Alexa is just so beautiful and looks great on you :smile:
  8. The Alexa looks great, how did you find it rubbing against the jeans?
  9. Just got back from a Chinese and come home to this. Very nice sunblock, is it for iPhone? I'm getting a new BB tomorrow and I can only see brown/black for these :sad:
  10. Yes it is for iphone :smile:....Its been fine ive been hobbling round all day at snail pace in meadowhall and it was rubbing alot and nothing has wiped on to the bag which is good
  11. Love all your bags and varity selections..
    This is my favorite bag and look :smile:
  12. Thanks :smile:
  13. Here you go Steph, free delivery as over £50.


    I gave mine a really good collonilling to prevent colour transfer. It was particularly snug when I first got it but it's fine now. ;)
  14. Thanks for spotting this but I'm afraid it doesn't fit my phone :sad:
  15. She looks lovely on you! She's gorgeous! :smile: And you're on your feet and you walked around a shopping centre....even if it was at snail pace, that's still a huge achievement!!!!

    ........I was going to say a huge feat and then I thought a huge step....oh! All the wrong words!!!!! Lol! :smile:. Well done! X
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