Whos purchased from Paris? Was it worth it? Were they nice?

  1. If you purchase in paris does that mean you only pay the sticker price listed for Paris on the LV website? So if its listed for 400 euro you only pay 400 Euro?

    I'm from the US, I currently have a friend in Paris and would like that person to help me purchase a LV item. hes on vacation so what are the chances hed be poorly treated in the store? I dont want it to happen to him and possibly ruin his day or is that not a concern because the SAs are nice?
  2. The SA's there are very professional as alot of tourist go to the Champs Elysses store (ie: ALOT of asians)

    If he's on holidays and is leaving the EU from the airport, he can claim VAT (tax) back, making the purchase even cheaper

    France is the cheapest in price so far so it's an extra bonus to get the VAT back (it think you get back around 12%, even though the VAT charged is 17.5% or so)

    I think the price on the France LV website is the same price in the stores (ie: it includes VAT and is waht you would pay instore), though i need to check my receipts.

    Hopefully someone else can confirm this, or i'll dig around for the receipts tomorrow morning and let you know
  3. Yup prices in LV france site is the actual price in stores all over france. And if he's able to get tax refund at the airport you'll get 10-12% less.

    My LV experience was great SAs were really nice.
  4. ^yes
    i got my speedy from paris and the tax refound was so fast @ the airport
    so i'd say go for it :smile:
  5. yeah, Prices on the tag in Europe already contain the VAT. there are lots of people in the champs elysee store, so depending on the time he might have to wait for an SA
  6. I agree with all already posted and need to add that all the SAs I talked to in the different parisian LV shops were super nice and not snotty at all, great service!
    and this is from a girl who doesn't have the "plenty of cash to spend" look; I also saw some girls with a ghetto look be equally well received.
  7. I purchased my wallet there, i have to say that i was not really impressed by the SA that helped me
    Maybe she was new or something, or having a bad day i don't know. She was just not enthouastic or anything, a bit boring :l
    But she wasn't snotty or anything
  8. There might be a lot of people in the store but there are a LOT of SAs to help you out too :yes: They are very courteous and helpful but definitely not as warm as your regular SA is. You get some savings too when you get your VAT refund so... Go for it!
  9. I purchased LV at the store in Nice. SA approached me and was very helpful. I also went to the Champs Elysees store which was packed with so many people! I was glad I had already purchased in Nice. The Champs Elysees store seems more of a tourist attaction -- and it was amazing to wander through the different floors looking at the purses, luggage, clothing and shoes, etc. Regarding the VAT, I was not able to get an instant refund at the airport. I dropped the forms in the POST in London, and it showed up on my cc statement a short time later.
  10. I had a wonderful experience shopping at the LV in Champs Elysees, and the SAs were great. You'll save $$ purchasing from there because the price of the LV is less anyway. In addition, you don't have to pay tax since you (or in this case, your friend) is not a Parisian resident, and he can fill out the refund papers at the airport before leaving.
  11. WOW! Let me just make sure I understand correctly.this sounds too good to be true!! I'll use an example.

    On the France LV website, the speedy is listed as 400 euros, that price ALREADY INCLUDES tax?!?! 400 Euros = about $529 USD!!!! Plus we get about 10% tax refund so $$529 with 10% off is about $473??? So speedy 25 will only cost me $473? NO WAY!! It sounds too good because the us site doesnt include tax in the prices.
  12. I have also purchased multiple LV items from the Paris stores and received good service. One store even had us sit down, offered us drinks and then brought the items we wanted to see over to us! They're used to all the tourists, and make a lot of money off of them! Apart from some isolated incidences, they're not going to be rude to tourists.

    I didn't get the VAT refund immediately at the airport either. You turn the form in at the airport kiosk and the money is credited to your charge card a few months later. Now we did get some attitude/rudeness from the VAT kiosk guy!
  13. The savings ARE incredible! A few years ago, I got my Keepall 50 for around $650 US dollars. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Pegase, which would have cost me only $1,050 at the time... for luggage! :wtf:
  14. Yes that's right. I love buying stuff in France and especially Paris :smile: