Whos playing McDonalds Monopoly??

  1. I know McDonalds is sooo not healthy, but every year when the Monopoly game comes around, I become a feign for McDonalds-more like the game pieces. I only need one more piece on every-single color! Its driving me crazy!! Anyone else playing?

    Heres what I need..
    Boardwalk - Blue
    Pennsylvania Avenue - Green
    Ventnor Avenue - Yellow
    Kentucky Avenue - Red
    Tennessee Avenue - Orange
    Virginia Avenue - Pink
    Vermont Avenue - Light Blue
    Short Line Railroad
    Mediterranean Avenue - Purple

    How frustrating is that?? LOL! Not to mention I need like 1 for every color in the online contest too! Its not even about the money(Especially because they arent really giving away anything this year!) its just fun, to me. I should have McDonalds stock, as much as I eat there during this time of year! Im so weird:hrmm: lol.
  2. I've never heard of this! Probably because I'm in the UK though.. but it sounds fun!
    They just brought out the Oreo Mcflurry here.. I LOVE it.
  3. Lol i need the same pieces you do in the online game and the paper game XD i always get the same pieces and sometimes i get the free mc flurry thing.
  4. OMG my neighbor is absolutely obsessed with this game!! The other nite she went and spent 42$ on dinner for her family, haha. She was cracking me up because she was telling me that her kids will pick what they want, for example her daughter wanted the McNuggets, but she would only let her get the chicken selects because the mcnuggets don't come with game pieces, hahahahahha. My DH had been in the mood for McD's breakfast last week so I managed to pick up some pieces, but I was over it after I started getting a bunch of repeats and I only got one free mcflurry and a breakfast sandwich... ripoffs.
  5. queenofda702...not everyone can indulge in mickey d's like you (seen your b-day pics)lucky gal ...i would end up a big cow if i really got into the game...how i love micky d's...hummmmmmm...:drool:
  6. OOOh I love this game! SO and I have been visiting McD's more often lately hehehehe. I won a free fries and free mcflurry so far. Lemme check my pieces- wouldn't it be cool if I had one you needed?
  7. All I ever buy from McDonalds is salads, and they don't include the game pieces.
  8. Yup I am. Only thing I got was a free game download lol. The big prizes are few and far between I think.
  9. I'm playing too, and missing the same as you. So far I have won free fries, drink, and a burger!
  10. i think everyone is probably missing the same pieces :smile: lol.
  11. Lol don't even get me started. I always get tricked into playing...did that for a few years. The best part I guess is the free food. Obviously I never won anything...came REAL close though (needed one or two once). Not playing this year though. I love playing it online though..fun! Do they have that this year?
  12. I play!

    I need the same pieces as you.

    I have won a McFlurry and a Breakfast Sandwich and a Small Fry and a Small Drink though...LOL

    I lost all 4 of those pieces though before I even got a chance to use them..BAH!
  13. I used to play all the time when I was younger and would beg my mom to take me to McDonald's. I have three sisters so we'd all believe that would make our chances of winning bigger and better. We'd also plan out what we'd do with the $1 million prize WHEN we won after getting both Boardwalk and Park Place. LOL. It all seems so silly now when I think about it.

    This online forum/swapping idea seems interesting though. (Not saying that's what you're doing! It just sparked in my mind after reading this thread.) Wouldn't that make the chances of winning greater if you could just post what pieces you need and have people from all over the world send it to you if they had it? I didn't frequent the internet when I was younger but now that everyone is connected, there's so much more opportunity to win! Good luck! :tup:
  14. I just thought it would be fun to compare pieces, not really hoping for someone to come along with Boardwalk. Ive won a McFlurry, THREE medium fries lol, medium drink, and any breakfast sandwich. Its too bad we can only use up to $5.00 at Toys R Us, I have about $15.00! Either way I will be shopping there for Christmas presents, and the SO spends most of his time in Foot Locker-so we have 2 20% off coupons and 3 10% off, so thats cool.

    kneehighz: yea they have the online game this year, I like it-its so much fun and so exciting when you roll doubles lmao!
  15. I'm playing too! I think I should get 50 hashbrowns and 50 medium drinks so I can get an overload of game pieces. (Not to mention an overload of trans fat and high fructose corn syrup!)