Who's on the waitlist for the Mirror line?

  1. I'm on the waiting list for a Silver Papillon :yes:

    New Zealand LV's would only get speedy/alma/papillon~

    Just want to know if any other PFers are on the waiting list?
  2. I'm and I was allowed to be on the list only for two bags that the lv policy for this line.
  3. are you on the waitlist for speedy?
  4. I'm on the list for the keepall in both colors. Can't wait to see them IRL
  5. I'm on the waitlist for the Speedy Silver. I heard there's no waitlist for the Pochette. Seems they'll have more than enough of those. :yes:

  6. Yep. I got a call from my SA and she informed me that I am only able to purchase two out of the four bags I wanted. Oh well. Two is better than zero. :yes:
  7. ^any way to get around that by having an SO or friend buy them for you?

    You are right though...two is def. better than none!! :smile:

    What are you on the list for?? You have such an awesome collection already, I can't wait to hear what you are getting next! :smile:
  8. Thanks for the compliment! :biggrin:

    I guess I COULD have someone buy the additional two bags for me, but I don't want to put my SA in a situation where she may get in some sort of trouble. I'm easy going, two is fine. I'm getting the Speedy in both silver and gold.
  9. Question. is it just for large bags and luggage? Are there going to be small accessories
  10. ^ The cles
  11. I'm on for the Speedy in Silver..I'm hoping I'll eventually be able to get both pochettes but definitely the gold one first.
  12. Michelle-- good point...it would be terrible if your SA got into any type of trouble:sad:

    Make sure you post pics when you get your new stuff!!

    (You too LVBabyDoll) :smile:
  13. is there going to be a cles, like a zippered cles? or just the keychain one?
  14. Key chain.
  15. ok then, I don't have to worry, I don't want anything miroir then :wlae:<that's my thank god, maybe this time i'll actually be able to get my wapity before the end of the year without splurging on something else!