Who's name is on that bag?

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  1. i thought it would be fun to match as much of the MJ bags with the celebrities or models that it derived from, forgive me if this was posted earlier in the forum (lead me to it if there is please :tup:) ill start

    the rihanna bag
  2. :goodpost::goodpost:

    jessica stam= stam
    MJ_11337418_black_h.jpg jessica-stam-picture-1.jpg
  3. irina lazareanu= irina line
    chanel1~3.jpg 0470858801126_500x500.jpg marc-jacobs-irina-quilted-tote.jpg
  4. kirsten dunst=kirsten bowler
    kirsten-dunst04150702.jpg mjkirstenbowler.jpg
  5. ^^ WOW i didnt know that one :tup:
  6. sofia coppola (his muse:heart:)= sofia bag
    213045425_a3e72dcdb1.jpg Lg_handbag_10.jpg
  7. selma blair= selma bag
    selma_blair_300x400.jpg selma.jpg
  8. fergie= fergie clutch
    fergie-clumsy.jpg index.jpg
  9. i wonder if the new cecilia bag is named after the model cecilia mendez :confused1:
    cecilia.jpg cmendez_profile1.jpg
  10. Daria Werbowy= Daria bag
    56764202.jpg BGV6485_mn.jpg
  11. probably, since she did walk his spring 08 runway.

    almost all of his bags can be traced to models, friends, etc.

    fun game though- i could do it all night- but time to go home for me!

  12. the venetia is named after his stylist venetia scott.
    venetia.jpg venetia scott.jpg
  13. Anouk Lepère= Anouk bag
    02mcq2.184.jpg 1d36_12.JPG
  14. siouxie and debbie from the sweet punk line are named after siouxie sioux and debbie harry.
    sweet punk.jpg siouxsie sioux.jpg debbie harry.jpg
  15. anyone know who the blake is named after?