Who's More Famous Game!!

  1. This game can be seriously addictive as one attempts to beat the high scores...my highest was 20! Great if you have a lot of time to waste!

  2. I got 25 on the first try. I got two people that I had never even heard of that made me loose. Booo
  3. Ugh, pathetic, the highest score I got was 12.
  4. I lost patience with it.

    I hate how the game's automatically over when you get one wrong. What's wrong with just losing a point?
  5. I got 14.
  6. 7 is as far as i got.
  7. Ahhhh, I was doing sooooo good!

    I got 33 on my very first try until it said "Game Over" when I finally got 1 wrong.

    The one I got wrong was Rachel Ray vs America Ferrera ..... and I choose Rachel Ray was more famous but I was WRONG America Ferrera is more famous than Rachel Ray.
  8. wow... I lost on 20 at Tim Gunn v. Vanessa Minnillo -- it was Vanessa, not Tim. Weird!!!