Whos Money Is It!!?? Lol!

  1. OK- I was just Pming Selena about this VERY SUBJECT!!..too funny! If I sell my bags...and no ...I do NOT WORK! ...whos money is it...my hubby seems to think its his because technically he bought the bags etc...BUT some were presents to me from him too...I am now not telling him about what I sell and going straight to LV and buying what I want!!HEE!HEE!
    Seriously.....I would just be spending our money to buy new bags anyway..shouldnt he be happy and just say spend it wherever you want???!Dont want to sound ungrateful,as he is a good hubby,and provides very well...but I think this is very STINGY OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!
    PS- no negative opinions..I need this as ammunition!!LOL!
  2. Men dont get it. I guess if they did get it....they would be GAY!

  3. i say it's your money :P....they were his gifts to you, which means he transferred his funds to the store in order to purchase the object which became yours and therefore you now own them and can dispose of them as you wish :biggrin:....he should just be grateful you're not spending anymore of his many, and rather that you're being a good wife and thinking of him when you sell prior purchases to fund new ones :lol:
  4. ^amen!!!!!!!!!
  5. Plus, if you are helping out with stuff at home, then you are contributing to his income and you should absolutely have at least 50% say in how the money gets spent. Does he have to ask you permission to buy stuff?
  6. I totally agree with the ladies above. Staying at home IS A JOB!! And a very hard one that doesn't get much credit for all the work involved. It's a 24 hour job for one thing. You can't just be like, "Okay I'm done cooking and cleaning it's past 5PM. You're hungry? Wow sucks for you I only work till 4:59"

    I definitely think that you should keep the money from the bags you sell - it's yours!! So go out and get those new LVs:amuse:

    (BTW has he taken the dog food inside yet?? :lol: )
  7. Well if I pick out a bag or even buy it myself, but let DH take financial credit to get him out of a jam for b-days/holidays then I can NEVER SELL THAT FRIGGING BAG! It's like HE picked it out and it's soooo special! He has no idea how fickle I am! (but it's sweet of him to try to please me - no vacuums for presents!)

    If it's a handbag, it's YOURS no matter which gender shelled out the actual cash. Do with as you please!
  8. its yours now coz he gave it as a present, unless of course u signed a contract saying otherwise...
  9. It's your money and its more like a trade: selling old bag and buying a new one from it. So you actually are just borrowing a new bag from your friend Louis Vuitton for a period of time.
  10. He's being STINGY. Unless he was using your handbags also, I don't think he really has a leg to stand on. Once you got the handbags, he's effectively kissed that money goodbye, so he shouldn't expect to see it back and should be thankful that you're not getting more money from him to buy more bags. In fact, you're being financially more responsible by recycling your old bags for new and thereby saving him thousands of dollars!
  11. If he had the donative intent of making a gift when he gave it to you--it's yours. The only "out" for him is if he said it was conditional on something, like you have to make him chocolate chip cookies every day in order to keep the gift. Plus, what state do you live in? If it's California or another community property--in almost all cases, 50% of what he earns is automatically yours.
  12. i'm sitting here reading this thread and my husband is next to me on his computer. i don't work either so i know where you're coming from. i ask him his opinion and he believes that the money you get from selling those bags is yours. a gift is a gift. if he gave you those bags he has no right to ask for the money if u do decide to sell them. <---hubby's words.
  13. Yeah, what they said!:lol:

    Seriously, does he go around to everybody making sure they still have the gifts he gave them or collect the cash if they don't?
    Bet that goes over well with the Mother-in-law!:lol:

    Sorry buddy, you are gonna go down in FLAMES on this one!:lol:

  14. A gift is a gift - once it is given to the recipient, it is no longer any business of the giver as to what the recipient chooses to do with it (including selling it).

    Therefore, any proceeds from their sale are technically, legally and morally yours; not his.

    Sorry, Jill's Hubby!!! :smile:
  15. totally agree - a gift is a gift!!! that means he bought it for YOU - meaning that you own it as it is intended for YOU!!!!

    woo hoo!!!!