Who's LV Collection...?

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  1. I found this a few weeks ago when browsing through this forum. Anyone know who's collection this is? I wanna know what the small long LV piece is called. The one that looks like a pencil case.

  2. ^^^ Not sure, but the CB piece looks fake.
  3. It is indeed! :wtf:
  4. And I thought the Groom porte monnaie ronde only came in Orange!

    Edit: sorry, but a lot of those pieces don't look authentic to me...
  5. Whats a CB? So the pencil thing is fake too? Grr... it would have been perfect if I bought one for school!
  6. CB = cherry blossom.
  7. Ok thanks anyway! I'm really bad at telling apart fake... But I DO have an Abbesses Messenger and it looks exactly the same as in that picture.
  8. Yup, on a lot of these pieces, the canvas looks SOOO off.

    Karman, the PMR did indeed only come in orange.
  9. I hope this picture was posted by a member but is not a member's collection!
  10. Okay, I don't think this thread should go on. There seems to be some question regarding the pic, so we should just stop this here. :smile:
  11. How come the Abbesses on the picture looks like the real thing then?
  12. Agreed. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.