Whos' looking/waiting for their Lindy?

  1. Thought it would be fun to have a few separate threads of the bags we are all loving, waiting, and looking for at this time. Feel free to state what it is you ordered and that you are dying to receive or the bag you can't find, but want too. (Please forgive if I did not specifically mention a certain style of bag. I tried to list the most talked about styles right now)

    These threads should be fun and who knows...maybe help someone.
  2. Waiting for a 34 cm Rouge H clemence...and I'm craving one in Vert Bronze
  3. I think I will love it in Rouge H!

    Do you have a pic of the vert bronze? I would really like to see that.
  4. ^ All I've seen is a tiny swatch of vert bronze in the leather book about a month ago. It's such a fantastic neutral. It seems to dramatically change it's visual presentation, depending on how light hits it. I haven't seen any bag made in the color, but I totally fell in love with that tiny little sample. By the end of 2007, I'm determined to have a bag of some kind in that leather/color.

    Vert bronze might be beautiful in a PM Massai...
  5. vert bronze!!!:nuts:

    What color is that? I obviously have been away form the forum too long..
  6. What leather did you see the swatch in?^^
  7. ooh that sounds fab in a massai. i would love that too.
  8. I saw it in clemence, KB. I didn't look through the whole book, because I was in a bit of a hurry and was only looking at leathers for a Lindy, so I stuck to swift and clemence. I think it's been mentioned in the forum before, so someone with expertise can weigh in, I'm sure.

    Vert bronze is really difficult to describe. In some lights, I could pick up the green, but when I first saw it I thought it was dark gray, then dark brown, then slightly lighter brown...

    I think it could be a fab neutral.

    Thanks for the "second" there, HLFINN! I've developed an unfortunate "M & Ms" sort of approach to Massais here: I need a handful, and I need them in every color.
  9. Vert bronze is a lovely color
  10. I saw the swatch yesterday...gorgeous!
  11. Is Hermes for sure making Lindy Bag for a while? I really want 34cm in fun color next year....
  12. Me 2 me 2!!! But I want it now!!!