Who's looking/waiting for their Kelly?

  1. Thought it would be fun to have a few separate threads of the bags we are all loving, waiting, and looking for at this time. Feel free to state what it is you ordered and that you are dying to receive or the bag you can't find, but want too. (Please forgive if I did not specifically mention a certain style of bag. I tried to list the most talked about styles right now)

    These threads should be fun and who knows...maybe help someone.
  2. Black Chevre Kelly with outside stitching to keep its rigidity. Not sure what size, just figure the right one will find me. I think this color leather combination is so elegant.
  3. I'm waiting for a chocolate Box retourné Kelly 35, ordered at last July's Podium, and still not here!
  4. Waiting for an SO, 28 cm black box rigide with gold h/w
  5. ^ drool.
  6. I have not placed an order yet as I cannot make a decision for my first kelly. I know that I want a 35cm and rigide and with gold h/w but do I go for the classic black or eminently usable gold. Do I request box or go for chevre or VL. So it will be something like the above, I think.
  7. Just requested a special order for a Kelly, retourne, 35cm, vache ligee leather, Rouge Garrance with shiny palladium hardware. I've been told I'll probably wait 6 months to a year.
  8. Rose, how long has your wait been? How long does H predict you will wait?
  9. Shiny Cocoan Nilo Kelly Pouchette with PHW :p
  10. 25cm Croc Braise Kelly, Gold Hardware
  11. 35 indigo epsom with blue jean piping and lining. ph. retourne.

    after yesterday i started thinking i would love the same thing in dark grey/light grey....

  12. what is a pouchette?


    Ive PO a Kelly 28 Retourne in Ardoise VL with gh....I dont know when will I get it, maybe this year or next. The anticipation is exciting:yes:
  13. ok.......maybe a little 28cm Kelly in Porc......sellier.........delivered by Johnny, please.

    I'll be waiting a long, long, LONG time..................
  14. Would love, but haven't ordered, a 28 vache naturelle or barenia gh. Smom, we'll both be in walkers when and if we get our bags, lol!
  15. You are killing me with this thread!