Who's looking/waiting for their Bolide?

  1. Thought it would be fun to have a few separate threads of the bags we are all loving, waiting, and looking for at this time. Feel free to state what it is you ordered and that you are dying to receive or the bag you can't find, but want too. (Please forgive if I did not specifically mention a certain style of bag. I tried to list the most talked about styles right now)

    These threads should be fun and who knows...maybe help someone.
  2. I'm looking for a 37 mou olive color (sorry, don't know the Hermes name for this color) Bolide.
  3. Since reading about the Bolide and looking at all of your lovely Bolides on TPF .. I've been wanting either 37 mou .. either in BJ, Rouge Garrance, or Vert Olive.
  4. Keep my eyes and ears open for you.
  5. This thread is stirring up dormant desires...if I see a 31 black chevre, it mine!
  6. Me! I am waiting! 37 rouge vif togo mou!
    Whenever I thing 'mou' I am thinking of the 'mad cow' cartoon : Mooh! Moomooomoomoooooh! Moo! ;)
  7. I have a 31cm white clemance on my list and a 37cm black clemance both mou...

    but I can't think of getting them until my birkin comes in. but I can't wait to have them!
  8. I have a ebene clemence/toile 31 combo coming, and I would love one day a black chevre or box 31, a parchement/etoupe light neutral 31, and more ostrich always!! :heart:
  9. Not bolide for me..........At least not yet!
  10. I am waiting for my 31cm Black Mou Clemence w/white topstitching :nuts:
  11. A Rough H 31 Bolide wiht palladium or gold hardware.
  12. My next bolide will be a 31cm black mou clemence with gold HW.
  13. I love the sound of all of them! Black with white stitching sounds like a great combo HN!
  14. I am still waiting for any Bolide, love them in any size, leather, colour :heart: but i think id especially like one in etoupe!!!! one day.... dreamin...:girlsigh:
  15. ^^my local store sent me an e-mail of an etoupe one - it's beautiful!!! With white stitching - yummy!!! I'm trying to be good though...I have enough (for now!)....