Who's looking for s white reissue 227?

  1. I saw that. its actually the dark white not the original white. This one has a yellow tint to it

    I'm trying to figure out if i like this white or the original white. I keep going back to look at the pic.....

    Oh well the price is too steep for me anyway:p
  2. Actually, I think that one is a white white, not the dark white (ivory) that Mon has. It's very pretty IRL. I agree the price is a lot, but I guess if someone wants to pay it....
  3. Its not he original white. I own the original anniversary white and it has the anniversary marking on the inside flap and is more a a grayish white than this one.

    But i like it though. If you look close it has an ivory tint to it. :yes:
  4. hmmmmmm, I'm not sure. It doesn't look like ivory (dark white to me, like Mon) and I know they came out with a white white that was not the anniversary model either. Maybe others can chime in. Whatever color white, it is very pretty!

  5. It is pretty. :rolleyes:
    I still keep going back. I emailed the seller and they confirmed its ivory white. :tup: :smile:
  6. So it is the dark white? I was looking for this bag everywhere with no such luck (in 226) a while back. I finally got a classic cream flap which I equally adore.

    If you do not have off white, I would go for it. Maybe the seller will come down a little in price?!!?