Who's Itching For Some Tokidoki?!

  1. Do they charge at pre-order? If so, I guess I have to wait till next week when I get paid lmfao & thanks for posting this :biggrin:
  2. ooo did you order from them?
  3. They don't charge until they ship out the order. and your welcome:wlae:

    I don't want to be the only one going crazy over journals and stationary! Hahahahaha
  4. AWESOME!! Pre-orders and discounts go so well together!! :smile:

    Thanks for posting this and sharing the addiction! haha :smile:
  5. oh no no, you're not the only one :biggrin: I might end up buying two journals lmfao. I need one to share with my bestfriend, we're going to start a diary/journal together and then I just want the stationary because yeahh its cool. hahaahaha. its toki and its cheap!
  6. Its VERY cheap!! :drool:

    Haha I just pre-ordered a journal and 2 stationary sets!! :nuts: Crazy... Fourth of July eh? Cant wait!! :smile:
  7. I'll pre-order tomorrow. I'm too lazy to get up and get my CC lmfao.
  8. LOL my denaro was on the table across the room and I made my bf get up and get it :yes:

    hehe and THAT'S how I got to order toki stuff. And spend more money. oh dear.
  9. He will think I am crazy, buying paper because it's toki. LOL. I'll wait till tomorrow, haha.
  10. hahaha my bf doesnt know what I'm doing with my credit card.. he just handed me my bella and went back to his laptop :lol:

    he'll shake his head at me when he finds out in July though. haha
  11. If I grab mine, my bf will know what I"m doing hahaaha.
  12. LOL its THAT obvious?! That means you've been buying too many tokis.. Waittt there's no such thing as too many tokis. nevermind.
  13. Yes, it's that obvious haha. I can't LIE and I can't keep secrets when it comes to myself and how I feel or what I'm doing..so he'd know even if I didn't say anything lol. If it was connected to paypal, it would be much simpler cuz my info is already there hahahah.
  14. LOL uh oh.. if its THAT much more simpler with paypal.. i wonder what it'll do to my bank account. haha I shouldnt have made an account but I need to buy an original/black BV w/matching angioletto from a fellow tPF member! Maybe I should limit my paypal to that order only LOL

    P.S. dont forget to change your sig. once you order your super cute sushi boy porta!! :smile: