Who's itchin' for a Sale?

  1. I don't know about you but I am kind hoping Shirise has another 20% sale soon! Think they will have one for Labor Day? I do not think I can wait till next Mothers Day (if they decide to still have one). Lets all pray to the shopping God's - we deserve a sweet discount. I'm still kicking myself for missing that opportunity last time.
  2. no joke... I would really like to pick up some rouille if there is some still out there.
  3. I am thinking that there will not be another sale. Just my guess because I think this season's bags are going to sell better than last season. I have no inside info but that is just my opinion.
  4. ^^^ I agree; also Shirise did not buy as much inventory this time around. Bummer, I know.
  5. ME ME!!! i want a sale :P
  6. i want a sale too.....
  7. Me want a sale too!!
  8. I doubt they'll have a sale, esp since it's the beginning of the season. Even if they're overstocked for some reason, I'm sure there won't be any deals until after X'mas. Wishful thinking!