Who's in the mood for a live reveal?

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  1. Anyone here for a live reveal?
  2. Here!
  3. I randomly called holts asking about what velos they had in store- couldn't believe my ears when the SA finished listing off a bunch of colours I wasn't that interested in- I was getting ready to say goodbye when all of a sudden she said "oh and one mauve velo in rh"
    I was like "put that baby on hold see you soon" lol!! I love the mauve and have lusted after it since I saw it last year!! Gorgeous colour irl and pics do not do it justice!

    I find mauve is so different from glycine when I hold it side by side with my glycine pt mrggh, much more blue undertones and a lot more vivid! I may even do some comparison shots!

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  4. Without flash

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  5. With flash... The flash makes the colour seem much more dull than it really is
    Love the leather!

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  6. Love the color!! Congrats on this meant-to-be purchase!
  7. Thanks so much pradapiggy!!! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your bags!
  8. Congrats! Do you mind posting a comparison photo of mauve and glycine?
  9. Congratulations! Don't you love it when timing works out for something that you've wanted? Enjoy!
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    Sure! I feel that the lack of natural light limits me from taking a completely accurate picture of the colours- these elusive bbag colours lol!!

    2013 Mauve velo rh
    2012 Glycine rggh pt

    I feel that the mauve makes the glycine mrggh look washed out IMO- not that the glycine isn't still pretty but it looks much more muted in comparison with dusty pink and grey undertones- I feel somewhat similar characteristics to 2010 murier, though totally different colours but the glycine definitely has some pink and even soft red undertones.
    Mauve definitely has the blue tones and is much more vibrant in comparison.

    Neither of these bags have been used or had any fading, for reference.
    I'm going to take more shots tomorrow in natural light with no flash

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  11. Glycine has some more grey elements to it

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    All these pictures are with flash for reference

    I love the mauve so much more!! Glycine is very nice with mrggh though and a totally different colour! I think mauve is epic with mggh though but looks amazing with rh too, the rh was what initially brought me to bal but GH took over for a while there. I find the rh has that vibe to it, that mysterious and cool appeal that to me is the quintessential balenciaga look.

    Velos are amazing, I love the style- I'm 5"8 (almost) and I just love how it's like a big puffy city!! Especially love the long strap! I never even use my cities anymore, after moving into the PTs. But wow these velos are incredible, love love love the style!!!

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  13. Such a beautiful color!!!
  14. I love that so much, so well said! That magical moment!!
  15. I have been wondering about mauve for a long time. I have seen glycine IRL but felt it was too gray-pink for my taste. Your comparison pictures are sooooo helpful, thank you!