Who's in love with the new Violette colour?

  1. So, I thought there will be no more LV for me this year until I heard about the new Violette Vernis. OMG, my favourite colour in LV:drool::yahoo::woohoo:. Just wondering who's in love with this colour too.

    Can't wait to pick up my pochette cles and who know what I will see when I get there.
  2. I'm not a purple lover, but I have to admit, this one caught my eye!! Congrats on your pochette cles!!
  3. I love it too, and that epi color is amazing also! I am a huge purple fan, and these colors are just so rich!
  4. I love the color,so beautiful.
  5. Yea, I'm not into purple either, but for some reason I just can't stop staring at the pictures of the new violette epis!
  6. I was never really into purple ... EVER haha I was always a pink person
    but this purple DEFINITELY caught my eye! I would LOVE to get the vernis cles in this color
  7. I'm not a fan. The color looks too plain IMO.
  8. Me!!!!:heart: I recently bought the French Purse and the color is TDF! :love:
  9. Have to check out the new epi purple, didn't know about it. Ouch, this will hurt my bank account!
  10. Purple is my favorite color, so when I found out that there was a violette vernis line I actually broke my ban! But I bought something small...the violette cles. If I wasn't on a ban...:graucho:
  11. I LOVE the new violette color! It's got a more subtle sparkle than the pomme, but it's still there, and it's a rich deep purple. I eneded up with the new pochette cles, a french purse, and the PM Berkeley:love:
  12. I'm torn between Vernis Violette and Epi's lighter puprle. It's the first time LV launch so many shades of same color, even in two lines too!
  13. I am in love with both the new Vernis and Epi purples.Gorgeous!
  14. I never expected to but i love the violette colour! I think the new purples in Epi are super cute to!
  15. I love PURPLE! And I got a Violette cles! :heart: