Who's In For a Reveal?

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  1. Uploading pics as we speak :smile:

    Both ebay wins...one Coach, one non-Coach!
  2. I'm here! Can't wait to see!
  3. I'm here. I need retail therapy and watching a reveal is almost as good!
  4. I'm here yay!
  5. I'm here
  6. Coach or non coach first?
  7. :woohoo:
  8. I made it for one!! :happydance:

    shower can totally wait!
  9. oh, non-coach first!
  10. Non-Coach, not a bag!

  11. Any guesses? That's the "carrying" case...item is in box below!
  12. I'm bored...here's the pic. LOL

    GHD straightening iron :smile:

  13. [​IMG]
  14. First peek!

  15. Wow, I must be revealing to myself :sad: