Who's holding out on the 07 PAPRIKA???

  1. I remember someone saying they got it.... WHERE ARE THE PICTURES - I'm DYING to see them?!?!
  2. I'd like to see that color too!!!
  3. I, too, am anxious to see the photos! I think that this might be the color for me, but I can't be sure until I see photos!
  4. I think there's a picture of a paprika city in the reference section
  5. Just to clarify, rouille 07 is paprika 07, correct?

    Thanks, lovemel. I've seen the photo, and while it looks like a pretty color, I'm still anxious to see IRL photos from a member to see if the BalNYC photo accurately depicts the color.
  6. NM Denver has it - it's Gorgeous!! GGH Hobo and a work or part time with SGH.
  7. Lizz ordered a paprika city at the beginning of July. We would love to see your photos, Lizz!
  8. I'm thinking about it, that or tomato. I think paprika is stunning. Here are some photos a lovely SA sent me...

    (Sorry, I'm really bad at attaching photos, would love to learn how to make them big and pretty for your viewing pleasure, maybe someone can do this...)

    Let me try one more time...

  9. Thank you for posting the photos; I can't see them, though.

  10. I LOVE THE COLOR!! Now to decide which style I want it in.
  11. Thank you, bal newbie! I can see them now. I must confess that my heart is beating more quickly now. It is amazing!
  12. Love it! Which bag is that? I saw this last weekend and all the SA could tell me was it was a motorcyle bag. I've been trying to figure it out in the reference section.
  13. Hi ZoeyZoo-

    Looks like it's a first.
  14. wow~color is much prettier than I thought~
  15. I'm down for the Day whenever it comes in!