Who's here for a Memorial Day reveal?!

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  1. Beautiful! I am so tempted by this. It actually seems like a reasonable price point given all the leather on it. How are you liking it so far? Will you use it as an everyday bag? Does the leather seem dirt prone or is it dark enough to hide dirt?

  2. I haven't use it yet but I know I'll love it [emoji38]. It's a birthday gift to myself, won't bring it out until then which is next Friday. I'm planning to use it as a everyday bag. I think the leather is dark enough to hide dirt.
  3. Was the price on the Flandrin $1860 before tax?

  4. I believe is $1800 before tax.
  5. $1860 before tax
  6. Congrats! The bag looks luxurious.
  7. Omg'sh!!! Loving this bag! Does it come in any other colors? Thanks and congrats!!! 💕
  8. Love it!
  9. I saw it in black but the Rose color is more beautiful and feminine

  10. Thank you. Yes it also comes in black n red [emoji51]
  11. Saw this in the store, I love how unique it looks. Congrats!!
  12. How is carrying this bag? I'm wondering if the handles sticking straight up is a problem when you are using the shoulder strap.
  13. Oh wow. I love the divided interior. Can't wait to hear/see how it is to use it!
  14. That's what happend to me when I tried it with shoulder strap. The handle came almost under my armpit poking me. You can't fold the handle at all. Handle is long