who's heading fendi

  1. Could Someone Please Tell Who Is Currently Heading Fendi At This Time
  2. I believe Karl Lagerfeld is still the designer for Fendi. Is this what you are asking about?
  3. Yes it's Karl Lagerfeld.
    I wonder why they allow that? He's designing for a French House, an Italian House, and "tried" to create his own line as well. He's creating for 3 lines with completely different styles. His own struggling clothing line was blah, and even though the B-bags and Spy bags are popular, I don't feel like he's created a signature look for Fendi. I think he should concentrate his creative energy on Chanel, and not get distracted with too many different things.
  4. Whoa...wait a minute... So is Lagerfeld the designer of the Spy bag? Is Lagerfeld the one who first sketched out the first image of what would become the Fendi Spy!? I've actually been thinkin' of writing whoever's responsible and thanking them. I don't even know exactly what for. But, when I'm pleased (or disappointed) with something, I like to let someone at the company know. When it comes to the Spy, I just gotta thank somebody! I'd kiss him/her if I could!:love:
  5. ^^ I suspect that Lagerfeld doesn't actually design every last Fendi item - that would be an aweful lot of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, etc. I'm pretty sure there are other designers working for the house of Fendi - I'm not sure who actually designed the Spy. :shrugs:
  6. Yeah, he's "creative director", but I'm sure he has lots of designers who work under him. He probably just gets the final say, and credit, for everything. I'm not sure when he started working for Fendi though.

    He's ignoring Fendi's signature Baguette bag.
  7. Sometime in the mid 1960s, I believe.
  8. Are ya sure ya wanna kiss Lagerfeld?....Have ya googled him lately? If you're gonna do it, just don't eat 1st. Empty stomach with this is KEY.

    LOLOL :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. I believe Fendi is run by the Fendi Sisters (4 of them?). Karl Lagerfeld helps out and designs furs for them each year. Karl L also had his hand in Chloe during the late 80's - 90's. The baguette was designed by - I think - Erin Lauder. I seem to remember that.

    I don't think Karl L had anything to do with the Spy bag.
  10. I know Karl Lagerfeld designs the RTW, but I don't think the handbags are included. But the president of Fendi is Michael Burke.
  11. oops I thought you were asking if anyone was heading to a Fendi boutique right now! But I'm glad I read this thread....thanks for the education!
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  13. Okay Gayle, LOL! Alright, maybe not a kiss. Maybe just a pound and a shoulder bump or somethin'. He looks like he smells good though. I wonder what he looked like when he was younger... Don't mind me. Just thinkin' out loud.:rolleyes:
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