Who's graduating in '07?

  1. I am! Ohhh-seven!
  2. U DO mean college right? :lol::flowers:
  3. College for me, but I guess high school counts, as do grad schools!
  4. im taking international business and commercial law for my post grad ... i could grad in mid '07, but then decided to extend another semester ... so, yeah end of '07 grad then ... wish me luck girls
  5. I am!!
  6. I am *finally* graduating from college at the ripe age of 30! yay!! Graduation is in May. I might just have to buy myself a new LV as a present to myself!!
  7. Me,Me,Me...........wow those four years of college went by fast like a breeze!
  8. me ! me ! me :nuts: ! LOL Im going to college ! MORE LOUIS VUITTON FOR US :graucho: :graucho: :nuts:
  9. CLASS OF 07 STAND UP!!! , graduating highschool!!! (check my tickerr!!!)
  10. I'm graduating from grad school! May can't come fast enough!!
  11. Hopefully - I'll have my PhD and the bar exam in '07 if all goes well. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop::nuts:
  12. Graduating from high school! Yay class of 2007!!
  13. boo i wish i was graduating too (college)! <-- 2008 :noworry:
  14. I'm graduating from grad school! Not until August though. Can't wait, only 8 more classes to go! :roflmfao:
  15. I've managed to cram my four years of college into either 2 1/2 (if Im able to finish in March, hopefully) or 3 years (if I decide to wait till May)!!!

    But either way...Yey for 2007! :yes: