Who's got the Poppy Book Tote?

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  1. I'm in need of a Poppy Book Tote to use as diaper bag, but I wonder how much she fits and how she looks on the arm? I've seen a tartan one, but never seen a "regular" signature or patent one... Do you have any pics? My fav seems to be the black/silver lurex one, but so far i haven't seen it at my outlets... I actually have seen none at my outlets so far, to be specific... only the bay... so I'd get one sight unseen, but I'd like to make sure that's really what I need and will be able to use for my diaper needs... so if you have any pics at all, please post away :graucho: I greatly appreciate it! :biggrin:
  2. I know my outlet had some of the brown signature ones I believe, but I don't have any pics.
  3. Same here...I seen the Brown siggy one...They are a Good size and the color contrast is nice...GL;)
  4. I got the brown siggy one since BH liked it... I don't recall if I posted pics but if I didn't I'll have to post them later... since I've got my hands full at work today.
  5. They are at outlets. Ive seen them the last 2 times i was there. I own this bag in dark brown siggy fabric. Gorgeous lavendar lining. I love it. Its very comfy as well to carry w/ shlder strap thingie
  6. I just got the black siggy book tote and it works great for me. I have a 4 year old and it holds a lot of stuff! Sorry for the pic - I took my hangtags off to put on my Peyton

  7. i have patent leather purple but i paid over 300 for it at fp grrr lol its at outlets now hence my grrr lol but its very roomy if ur gonna use it as a diaper bag i suggest patent leather bcuz u can wipe anything off of it with kids n all u never know what happens
  8. I just got the silver lurex book tote yesterday from Macys..$176, after all discounts.. it is a simply stunning bag..but in terms of a diaper bag, I don't think that it will work for me...It's kind of small..just feel that you can fit your stuff, if you have just one kid..but more than that, I would recommend a large spotlight..Plus, the book tote has a breakaway zipper, so unless everything is in a pouch/ziplock, it's certain that stuff is gona fall out.. I am thinking about maybe returning my tote..I just love the color combo, so it's kinda hard to give up...:confused1:
  9. I have the pink Tartan one and actually use it as diaper bag since I have a girl. It's great when I don't want to carry her large and heavy Berry Heritage Stripe Diaper Bag. It fits a nice amount of diapers and bottles as well as the essentials; it's also very lightweight which is definitely a plus!
  10. I just bought one from macys, but I am regretting it because I think it is to big for me. I really want the glam tote. I know the glam tote was like limited quantities but what about the book bag? Thanks ladies.
  11. I saw some at Dillards when they were 50% off.. and just one or two when it went 70% off.

    Haven't seen them at my outlet lately.