Who's got the best Lanvin copies?

  1. Although the Lanvin ballet flats are the hottest flats out there right now, I simply cannot afford $500 a pair to get every colour under the rainbow. I did get a pair of the Saks Fifth Avenue branded copies that were available at the Sak's Off 5th stores before Christmas. They're near-perfect copies made with the softest, most beautiful leather, but they were $100 on clearance and they're now long gone. The elastic was also a bit uncomfortable on the ankle.

    I'm just now seeing other copies arrive in the shops. Has anyone tried the ones from Target, Gap or J. Crew?:

    Mossimo Dina at Target - $20
    Target : Mossimo® Dina Stretch Ballet Flats - Black

    Leather Ballet Flat at Gap - $40

    Marsala flats at J. Crew - $125
    J.Crew > shop by category > shoes > flats & moccasins > Marsala suede ballet flats

    Has anyone tried these? Can you report on the quality and fit?

  2. I have the Nine West flats. Very cute and really comfortable!
  3. I have the Saks ones as well - I bought them in black, gold and pewter. The elastic should stretch out with wear, just wear them only a couple of hours for the first time. I'm curious about the J.Crew version, I wonder if they're better? More comfortable. The Saks ones aren't too padded really.

    As for the Nine West ones, I hated those, I really wanted to like them but I thought the leather was too thin and some of the colors weren't even real leather, right?

    IMO the Saks ones are the closest to the actual Lanvin shoes, which I've tried on, except that they fold up annoyingly. Other than that the look on your feet and the leather quality is very comperable.
  4. I have the Saks ones in the saddle tan color, which is beautiful. I also had them in gold, but I returned those because the quality of the metallic finish leather did not seem anywhere near as nice as the tan. In general, the Saks are of very high quality, but some of the details are not quite as nice as the real Lanvins. Even the soles on them appear to be perfect copies of the Lanvin sole!

    The Nine West shoes in the photo above are the "Luvmyflats" style. They are a completely different style compared to the Lanvin. They have a split sole like a ballet slipper, with rubber outsoles stitched to the bottom. They look and wear very different from the Lanvins. I have several pairs of those and some fit better than others. I've heard several people complain that the leather on them is "too thin," but I actually found the leather on mine rather thick. In fact, it's probably twice as thick as the leather on the Saks shoes. The fit problems with the Nine West are the same as with the Saks shoes - they're ankle biters.

    The J. Crew shoes look nice, but it looks like they only come in suede. It also says "man made sole," which often makes shoes uncomfortable. No one here has tried them?

  5. I was going to write about the jcrew ones the green ones are so pretty, I have black leather Lanvins, they felt so great and than I had them zipsoled which makes them feel less great but for $500 I want them to last forever! I have not bought them yet (jCrew) so if anyone out there has them let us know!
  6. I guess there's none that truly compare to Lanvin huh?
  7. How did the zipsoles make them feel less great? I just got vibram soles put on mine so I'm worried now...
  8. The Sak's shoes are damn near flawless copies, but the elastic might fit a little too tight on people with larger ankles.

  9. I think that the vibram soles just make the shoe feel stiffer, but they have to be there or your shoes will only last a season. My cobbler cut the vibram into two parts and left the middle of the shoe uncovered, he said putting it all the way across wouold make them too heavy. They were just softer and more pliable the original way but I can't afford to buy new every season, that said I am buying another color and I will zipsole again.
  10. Nine West ones are def. the best copies. They even have great patent leather ones. They sold them at Nordstrom this holiday season and then they went to the Racks very recently, this week infact. They have tons of them (at least here in Washington) for a great price of like $40. I'm going to pick up a pair of gold and black patent ones. Good luck!
  11. Which Nine West? The "Shelbi" flats or the "Luvmyflats" pictured near the top of this thread?
  12. kk, makes sense. If my Lanvins wore out I'd cry, so I can live with a little more weight and a little less flexibility. They still feel comfy to me though I haven't worn them anywhere yet 'cause of the weather. I can't wait till spring! :biggrin:
  13. ordered my luvmyflats today! I'll let you all know how it goes! Anyone know what colors they originally came in?
  14. I have the J Crew ones in brushed gold and LOVE them. I tried on the Nine West ones but found them uncomfortable imo
  15. I really only like Lanvin. HAHA.. all of the links you posted are sold out! They must be good!