who's got patent mini skinny?

  1. i am planning to get another skinny, now plain in patent mahogany, i wanna know if its too simple or cute?
  2. i don't have it...but i thought it was cute when i saw them in stores!
  3. I have the mahogany one and love it. But I'm always crazy for the mini-skinnys.
  4. yeah kal, i'm going to get one! i think they're cute too!!
  5. I have the white patent mini skinny and I loves it!:yes:
  6. I got one originally and then returned it because personally it didn't have the wow factor for me, and the perpetual fingerprints would have bothered me from no end! (yes I know, anal much?)
  7. I posted a thread awhile back about whether or not I should get it too. I thought it was too plain for my liking, but i loved the color.
  8. haha you're so funny!!! yeah i know what you mean
  9. It's gorgeous! I handled one before Christmas at Macy's when I was giving my dh ideas for gifts but I quickly discovered the fingerprint factor and I too am anal in that way! LOL! It would have driven me nuts! But someone else said that the white and blue patent don't fingerprint so badly. I was sad since it was so pretty!
  10. oh yeah thats the drawback of the mahogany patent... wow, now i think am changing my mind.... :confused1:
  11. angel:
    I just got the mahogoney patent skinny at the coach outlet. it was only about $20 but I love it. It is plain but the shininess makes it a bit more special and it does show finger prints but I jsut wipe them off. Honestly, I love it.

    I have only had it for about 3 days so maybe I will get back to you in a week or 2.

  12. oh okay kitzka, thank you still thinking thou
  13. Yeah I love the color, but I just couldn't deal with the fingerprints. Unless you can get it for a crazy discount I wouldn't suggest it, but if you love it go for it!
  14. thanks aarti :yes: i'm still loss haha!! will decide tonight :yes:
  15. For $20, I'd get over the fingerprints real quick! It really is pretty. Just depends on your preferences.