Who's Got Her Order Placed?

  1. I know that many members here have orders to be placed for the July podium. Let's stick it all in one thread. Please state what bags you have ordered for the July podium and which ones were successfully placed. That way I can live vicariously through all of you ... TIA:flowers:
  2. Wow, you're probably all sick from hearing this by now but I got my JPG placed at podium (I may have mistakenly said special order but it was the last bag in on the Friday BEFORE!)

    JPG, rouge garance, clemence.
  3. I ordered 2 bags but I need to confirm later this week if they were successfully placed ... the store manager is away so I need to wait for him!

    1. 30cm Birkin, orange, ostrich, gold hardware
    2. 28cm Kelly, rigid, veau chamonix naturel, palladium hardware
  4. Oooh, it sounds delicious! Btw, what do you mean by last bag in on Friday before?
  5. Please let us know as soon as soon as you find out! The suspense is making me antsy
  6. Well, I was talking to my SA about "Bags I'd Love to Buy" (subtitled: Perja's life story) and she told me "Well, podium starts monday, do you want to place an order now? This is the last day."

    I went all :wtf: "You'd let me?" and she said "Sure, if you don't like it when it arrives, I'll put it in the window and it'll be gone by closing time." So she wrote down my order and the next time I was in, the store manager told me my order had been accepted. :nuts:
  7. ohhhhh......nice choice!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  8. -30 cm birkin fushia porosus palladium hardware
    -30cm beige-rosè porosus gold hardware
    -35cm togo vert anis palladium hardware

    all of them confirmed

    -35 kelly chevre black ruthenium
    -not confirmed but not declined either :rolleyes:

    ah and them my painted birkin in september but that is outside podium
  9. Ladies, I am too excited for you...especially confirmed orders!

    For me ordered...not confirmed:

    30cm or 35cm black or chocolate togo w/palladium

    (still waitlisted as well with a huge list of birkin choices)

    Also, hunting for a fuchsia chevre Kelly with palladium
  10. Just...kill...me...now...:upsidedown: :upsidedown:
  11. Perja - that's great!! It's really tough at some stores to place a SO.
  12. Can't place a SO in the San Fran boutique. I've asked a number of times! so....I'm living viacariously through you guys......
  13. Why won't they let you place one, shopmom?
  14. When you say SO, do you mean SO as in an order with specs that is outside of the norm (i.e. croc JPG Birkin as opposed to clemence or togo JPG), or do you mean a regular order with your specs on color and leather type that is offered with that type of bag?
  15. I'm totally living vicariously through you and Aspen here. Wah, send me some of your good luck vibes~~:wlae: