Who's Got Gigi and Can You Post Pics?

  1. Hi,

    I'm curious about this bag. I'm wondering if it is really different than the leather slim tote I have in terms of space/sizing. If anyone has pics (especially whiskey ones), can you post them, please?

    Would love to see how this bag looks. Thanks!:graucho:
  2. I have the Gigi tote in clay. It is way bigger than the Legacy Slim tote. It is a lovely bag and I really love mine and am glad that I got it. I will post pictures for you tonight when I get home. I will pm you when I have posted the pictures in your thread.
  3. Here is my Gigi next to the Legacy Slim tote. I do love the Gigi. It is taller and deeper than the Legacy slim tote.
    IMG0001_43.jpg IMG0002_7.jpg
  4. Very pretty bag Liz. I didn't realize it was so much bigger than the slim tote.
  5. Graberg:

    The Clay Gigi is alot taller than the Legacy Slim tote and a bit wider in depth. It is a great bag. I have not used mine yet as it has a small flaw on the right pocket so I will swap it out in August when they hit the Coach Boutiques. I have decided to swap out my Clay Shoulder Flap to the Citron color. I don't really want two grey bags.

    kind regards,
  6. Wow! Seeing these two next to one another is really helpful....and bad because now I really want a gigi tote in whiskey or natural! Sigh*

    Is it pretty comfortable to carry or is the hardware very heavy? Oh, and I'm guessing it has the legacy lining, right?:drool:
  7. I just realized that the price on this bag is going to make it pretty darn easy for me to stick to my ban!:nuts: It is definitely a bag for me to consider down the road, though...
  8. I think that you would love the Gigi. Since it just came out you have plenty of time to think about it. I think it will even be around early next year.
  9. Does it zip on top or have a dogleash? I may be blind but I couldn't see which on the coach site.
  10. You're welcome. :smile: I'm in love with this bag. Unfortunately, the first time I wore it I got windex spots on it. *ugh* But it still looks gorgeous! I'll bet the whiskey will be luscious too. :smile:
  11. It has the dogleash clasp. :smile:
  12. Liz and Stolphe, did either of your clay bags come with little black marks on them? I got a clay shoulder bag and it has about a half inch black mark on the front and some small black spots. There's also a portion of the leather that looks "washed" out colorwise a bit. And the purse is kind of wrinkled and wasn't fully stuffed. I'm thinking of returning it and asking for another one but didn't know whether these kinds of issues were common to others.
  13. I don't see any black marks, but I do see some spots that are a dark, dark, grey on them. Like little tiny specks but in larger patches. I also see some parts of the leather look a little lighter than the rest, but I think that just goes along with the vintage look, and I'm not sure if that's from wearing it a few times or not. I didn't have any wrinkley parts though.