Who's got an Elsa Peretti open heart necklace?

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  1. And who gave it to you? :love:

    I know many think these necklaces are played, but I still notice a ton of them whenever I'm walking around! I've actually had three variations in my life:

    1. the small open heart that my father gave to me when I was 6 years old (still have it).

    2. the same small open heart that my ex-boyfriend gave me when I turned 21, not knowing I already had the same necklace from my dad... heehee. I actually wore the two together on one chain for a long time, until we broke up and I gave the one he had given me back to him. Interestingly, the design was subtly different from the one I got in 1986 -- same heart, same size, but ever so slightly tweaked.

    3. From my husband on our first Valentine's Day, I got the 5 Open Heart necklace... he said he almost got the single small open heart as well, so it's a good thing he didn't LOL! I need to break out the 5 hearts and wear it sometime soon... I didn't take it off for months after he gave it to me but it's since been somewhat neglected in favor of more recent pieces he's given me.

    Do you have an open heart necklace? What's the story?
  2. I have one! My boyfriend gave it to me on our first anniversary (this is over 8 years ago) while we were in college. I still have and treasure it, but don't wear it that often simply because I see too many people with it in my area(god, don't I sound snooty). It's not something I would ever give away, and think it would be a great piece to give to any future children.
  3. i had one and i bought it myself
  4. i have one! i bought it for myself a little over 6 months ago as a reward after losing about 25 lbs. i never, ever take it off and i get a ton of compliments.
  5. I have one! My stepdaughters gave it to me for my birthday last year! :love: It was completely their idea - they picked it out on their own without help from DH! It will always be very special to me.
  6. i bought mine for myself. i was having a bad day and needed a pick me up. blue box worked well. :smile: i don't wear it very much anymore though. i love it, but hubby suprised me with the return to tiffany choker for our anniversary last year and i haven't really taken that off since then.
  7. I got mine since 98 (small size). Never take it off unless im planning to wear different necklace.
  8. I had two of the heart necklaces. I had one in gold and one in silver. I gave the silver one to my little sister and sold the gold one. Both were presents. I really liked them a couple of years ago but I saw too many of them and my boyfriend's sister has one too that she wears all the time. I like to be different at least when it comes to jewelry :smile:
  9. I have a gold medium and a large silver that I wear with the black cord.

    Unfortunately, I see many people wearing the silver and even the gold heart (small and medium size)... and I have a feeling they are fake. These are people who will buy fakes to save money and feel proud of themselves... so I wouldn't be surprised if they are also wearing a fake Peretti since they are so easily copied.

    Kind of ruins it for me.
  10. I have the medium size and my little sister has the small size. We got them as "end of summer" presents from our parents before beginning the 2004 School year. I was originally going to get the T&Co ring (as the "end of summer present") but when I tried it on a Tiffany's I didnt like how it looked on my stubby fingers! So, I knew that my sister really admired the open heart so I decided to try it on. I loved it! So I got it in the medium, and we baught my sister the small (shes a lot tinier than me, and is 7 yrs younger) and surprised her with it when we got home.
  11. I've got a silver one - I think it's the large size. My husband gave it to me as a completely unexpected gift before we were married, and I wear it almost every day. I love it!
  12. i've got one! i got it as a graduation gift when i finished middle school from my aunt :heart:
  13. I have the small sterling silver one. my bf got it for me, along with the matching ring, on our first xmas together.
  14. I got this necklace from my bf about 4 months ago. I parted with an old diamond cross necklace I had and needed a new one. I told him that I was going to buy it, then he suprised me with it. I've worn it everyday since and I absolutely LOVE it. I have the small silver one.
  15. My boyfriend got this for me (the small silver one) as a gift for our first Valentine's Day together. It brings back the best memories. I love it!