Who's got an aquarium?


Sep 27, 2014
Do any of you guys have an aquarium?

If so what type/size is it and what type of fish do you have?

I'm thinking of getting one so I'm just wondering what kinds everyone has.

Please post a picture :biggrin:


Nov 19, 2006
I used to have one and it didn't work out so well. I found it a lot of work to keep clean. We had Koi and goldfish. I still have it put away and now and then think about trying again. I'd be interested in some tips myself.


Handbags and Horses
Jul 4, 2009
In the saddle.
I did twice upon a time. Didnt end well either of the times.

My parents got me Fish when I was little to stop my nagging that I wanted a pet. They then used to replace my Fish that died without me knowing...

Tried again With some beautiful Goldfish when I was 17, but they just kept dying on me. :tdown:

So I decided to get something a little easier to take care of and got a dog and a horse. :sunnies:


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I have one. It's a 20 gallon tank with one fancy goldfish (Oranda fish) named Dorothy. She is 4 years old now. Tanks are a lot more work than you would think. You have to constantly clean them (filter, vacuum up poop, clean up algae, check pH/nitrate levels), but watching the fish grow is a lot of fun. I highly recommend an Oranda as they are very social and enjoy human company. And they are gorgeous.

If you decide to get one, make sure that you have one fish per 20 gallons or they will die from the pollution. I have a lot of info, so hit me up if you need help.


my little etoupe
May 5, 2006
I had one when I was a Lil girl. We had about a dozen fish (the ones you win at fairs) and they actually grew quit big and fat. My dad cared for them. Tank, filter, you name it.

Then one day my father was suddenly called out of the country for a week. As the eldest child, I was given sole responsibility for caring for the fish. I swear I followed the instructions by the book. Fed them just so. Unfortunately literally one fish died each day my father was away. Yup 7 fish. My Lil brother was traumatized. Bawling his eyes out in the morning when we found a Lil guy floating up.

I felt incredibly bad. Still not sure wtf happened. But I gave every Lil fishy their last rites before flushing them down the toilet.

I kill fish and orchids but can keep dogs alive. Go figure. Bamboo... 50/50.


party girl
Apr 6, 2011
los angeles
i had one for several years, but we just moved and so it's in storage until i feel like setting it up again.

55g, saltwater setup, i mostly kept clowns, puffers, coral beauties, chromis, etc. had a mandarin fish once, he was super sexy but sooo hard to feed :sad:

for some reason i can't find my pics...will post later when i do. i also had a small (20~g) freshwater tank with some neon tetras and a betta fish. i will probably do a freshwater large tank setup in the future; saltwater fish are expensive and die a lot :/


May 23, 2012
Near Chicago
I remember having a large tank set up when I was younger. We had a bunch of goldfish that grew to be very large. I remember my mom hated that tank because of all the work. When the fish died off we never replaced them and my mom happily came home with a ferret. For 20 years after that we were a ferret household. And after I moved out came the dog to replace me. Lol.


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
My parents used to have a big saltwater fish tank. I do have to say that small clownfish (the dark kind & the lighter orange kind as well) are generally good choices, they are hardy little fish, and are known to survive very long.

The tank was very pretty to look at, but was a pain in the a*s to keep clean. Also, it is very hard to get the formulas with the salt and everything *just* right. And if the formula is not right, everything in the tank can die. We had problems with red algae everywhere, took over everything, the rocks, the coral, everything. And we went to a fish and reptile specialist, and everything we did didn't seem to get the red algae away. It seems you can prevent it, but not get rid of it.

Like I said, if the formula is not just right, everything in the tank will very likely die. Every fish we put in, died of unknown causes except for a small clownfish that survived for a whole year. (Keep in mind we were going to a fish/reptile specialist, and he would tell us what kinds of fish not to mix with other kinds of fish and everything.) And it was not the clownfish attacking the other fish, they would just die. (We would watch some of the deaths unfortunately, and they would just get scared and pass away, it was random.)

It's a very hard thing to get right, but the colorful fish are gorgeous to look at! And if you're doing saltwater, there are some beautiful fish out there, and very colorful! It was a hard setup for my family to do, but they are actually thinking of re considering and getting an even bigger tank again this time, and starting the process over! If you have a lot of free time to devote to it, it's worth a try!