Who's got a PUG??????

  1. Hi all,

    I have a pug. His name is Milo and he's 8 months old. He is being spayed/neutered in about 3 weeks. I'm asking because if you have one I'm wondering what your experience was with him when, as the vet calls it, "he came into his own". My dog is urinating on every piece of furniture I have. He holds it in just so that he can get up on some furniture when we are not looking. He's been so good up till now. He was paper trained when we got him from the breeder and he goes outside, but lately it's driving me nuts and maybe you guys know something to help him out?? Some people said their dog got the operation at 6 months, but my vet said 9 months? Any opinions appreciated!!!! I'm gonna try to attach his pic.
  2. Awwwwwwwwww. cute! I want one. If it's a boy, I'm going to call him Douglas and girl will be Loulou.

    Sorry, I have no idea about your problem. But dang, pugs are so gorgeous!
  3. I have only had female dogs, but I have heard this is a charachteristic of male dogs. Im not sure if it will stop after being fixed. They are marking there territory. Obedience training may be needed.
  4. I don't know how it is with dogs, but I know that with rabbits, males can be neutered as soon as their testicles descend. Your vet might just feel safer waiting until he's a little older.

    The peeing is probably just be a puberty thing. He has all those hormones in him now, and feels the need to be manly and mark his territory.
  5. Awwww... I have a Pug! He is my <-----Avatar. :love:

    Well, my Pug is now almost 9 years old and I got him from a breeder when he was only 5 weeks old. I got him fixed when he was 9 months old, the is the recommended amount of time for male dogs.

    Most of the time (not always) their personality and ways change a bit after they are fixed. My Pug in the beginning would only do #2 outside but hold the pee for indoors. After he was fixed and training (saying in a firm voice "no", "no". You must do this everytime he pees in the house. Bring him to the spot you found the pee. My Pug stopped pee-ing very soon after and now does everything outside. :biggrin:

    Also he could mark up the place for a while until he considers it his place, then he will stop.

    HTH! ;)
  6. I don't know pugs but I do know that if he can't experience growing into his male body before you chop 'em off, he'll suffer - male bodies are meant to grow big and strong, and many dogs are cut too early and suffer from stunted development.

    9 months sounds the better option to me, as he'll be able to develop normally.

    Good luck to you both!


  7. Thank you so much!! I have seen your avitar before, he is a cutie! I feel better now, I guess I'll just have to watch him extra close till he gets his fix. Thanks again!!
  8. Not a problem! Anytime! ;)
  9. Also there is something called a belly band. So you wrap it around him and it prevents him from spraying. I've never used one, just heard about them, so maybe its something to look into.
  10. your pug is too cute...love those eyes~!

  11. Thank you. He's my lovey-dovey, rolly-polli, big hunk of love......okay, I'm getting carried away......sorry. His eyes get me too.

  12. Thanks Danica, I'm going to check that out!
  13. I've got a pug -- notice my avatar :love: , but I have a female. She's about 5 1/2 months old and she was just spayed last week (poor thing still has her stitches in and her Elizabethan collar). That's what our vet recommended for her. I think there are certain types of cancer that have less of a chance of occurring if you have a female spayed before their first cycle.

    I'm not sure what to tell you about your male. I don't know if he'll stop marking once he's neutered or not since he's already started. I just don't have experience with male dogs. Good luck, and pugs are the cutest!!!
  14. I don't have a pug, but our male Cavalier's indoor "marking" (and constant humping :weird: ) pretty much stopped once he was fixed.
  15. By the way, there's a VERY active pug forum at www.pugvillage.com. There are a lot of people there that are really knowledgable when it comes to pugs.