Who's got a Clear Bag?

  1. What did you buy and where? I'm thinking of getting one, but I don't want to pay a fortune for what I think is a true trendy bag.
  2. I would definitely say they're a trendy item..unless you intend to use it primarily as a beach bag, then it would never go out of style.

    I don't personally own one, I would be way too embarassed for people to see the state my bags are in on a day to day basis. *L* It's pretty messy.
  3. I had one when I worked in retail b/c it was required. Why, I don't know since they often went through our bags before we left anyway.

    Sometimes cosmetic companies give them as part of a GWP during summer months. That's actually how I got mine - as part of the gratis from the line I worked for. I'm with Stophle though...I'd be really uncomfortable using one as a daily handbag. But, hope you find something you're happy with!
  4. LOL I know what you mean about having people see in your bag! I decided to get one because we go boating a lot in the summer and I always try to find a bag to take that's kind of cute.

    I ended up with this: http://www.shopsueyboutique.com/servlet/the-1094/PLASTIC-BIRKIN/Detail

    For 32 bucks, how can I miss? :supacool:
  5. [​IMG]

    That's a great choice for a purse that you def can't use all of the time. And I can't justify spending the $ on Chanel, LV or even the $500 on the Coach one for a purse that I would only use maybe 4 times in a summer.
  6. I use to have some fun Sanrio & Disney character ones.. but I only used mine for work at the Disney Store when I was working there as that was a requirement.
  7. I am thinking of getting one of the Dooney Bee clear lunch totes when the are in stock. I have a Bee wristlet, and it's so cute.
  8. Thanks for information!
  9. only for the beach.
    otherwise, you are treading in tacky waters...
  10. Oh i love the dooney lunch totes i totally want one!
  11. To each his own but I'm not too comfortable knowing other people can see what's inside my bag :shame:

    It's more for summer but if it's something that you really want then go ahead and get it :yes::smile:;)
  12. I guess a transparent bag can be okay. I "purse-onally" don't understand the allure of one.