Who's gonna be at Saks BH tomorrow???

  1. We should devise a secret handshake or some sign so we will know who the other tPF'rs are!!!:nuts:
  2. ^lol sounds like fun...i might have to sneak out to Saks tomorrow...
  3. :party: oh sounds like fun!!! wish I can be there!!!
  4. ha ha ..
    Thats funny -- Like the startrek Vulcan handsign holding a chanel bag strap chain :lol:

    Sounds like fun - Have a great time
  5. I will b at Saks Bala Cynwyd tomorrow picking up my GST from Damian. If any of u r there, please wink!!!!
  6. I will be at Saks BH tomorrow picking up shoes. I am still contemplating going into the Chanel area and getting the Jumbo though. I am thinking I may want vintage instead.