Who's Going To The New Hermes Store In Nyc Today?

  1. I'm sooooooo excited today! I'm literally about 5 minutes away from this beautiful store that will one day make me broke! The closer the store is to you the faster your bank roll disappears! AND I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!!!! :yahoo:

    So what's on your list to get today? Do you have anything that you would like to pick up? A scarf maybe? That hard to find item that has been sitting on your wait-list? Come on enlighten me. :graucho:

    As for me;
    New Cadena
    Commemorative scarf
    And a little Etoupe :okay:
  2. Oh, what FUN! Lucky girl!! Hope you get lots of great mementos.

    Oh, and if you spot a stiff black or etoupe 35 Birkin with pall hw, pls let me know.....:yes:

    And what's your "little etoupe?" :nuts:
  3. Baggaholic, you are one lucky girl!! Have fun. I'll be thinking of you.
  4. Bagg, not today but Tuesday for trip 2 to NYC. Can you join us on Tuesday? See the trip threads above. I would so love to meet you.
  5. Hope you have a great time Baggs let's know what happens!
  6. Have fun!!!! I am so jealous! :smile:

    BTW, did you see the little blurb in W magazine about the grand opening and the custom made Hermes Harley (complete with buffalo leather seat!) that will be up for auction? It's supposed to be displayed the the store and proceeds go to NYC charities.
  7. i think i'm going later today. was going to go this am as soon as they opened but could not motivate out of the house. if not i'm going tomorrow to pick up a bunch of scarves. not sure if there's anything else i want or need...
  8. Rockerchic, I am doing Sunday and Monday, let me see what's going on for Tuesday. I just love skipping work to go play at Hermes!!!! I would love to meet you too!
  9. YES! I posted a pic of that Bike here somewhere but I don't remember! :confused1: Lovely Bike though
  10. I don't know yet, but if I could walk away with a Birkin I would be sooooo happy! Yes, BERRY happy! :wlae:
  11. :confused1:

  12. the SAs that have answered the phone have been SO nice!!!! REALLY nice.
  13. I'm going on a heist! :ninja:
  14. I bet!

    I wonder if they are new to Hermes or transfered from other stores? I so with my SA was transfered there. Id be in so much trouble because he is one damn good enabler!
  15. ^^Good luck girl!! Tell us what you smuggle out! ...and please try to do Tues!