Who's going to stay up for Azur on Elux?

  1. So.. does anyone know if the Azur line will be released (this time for good) at 12:00 AM November 1st on Eluxury.com?

    Who's staying up? :biggrin:

    Though I pre-ordered.. I want to check out through Fatwallet to get my 3% rebate.. LOL

    Thanks ladies! :wlae: :wlae:
  2. if you go through ****** you get 4% back
  3. I am sure this has been asked...but what are the prices on Noe and speedy 25?
  4. 860 for the noe and 595 for the speedy

  5. Thanks! ohhhhhhh I can do $595 for speedy:nuts:
  6. I think *I'll* stay up for this one....hehehe....
  7. lol me too
  8. I'm staying up to hopefully order the Azur Speedy 30 on Eluxury. I better drink some coffee. LOL!!
  9. Count me in!! :jammin:
  10. I'm in Canada so I'll be sleeping.
  11. Yay ladies! I cannot wait!
  12. LOL I am getting mine Nov 1st at the boutique!!

    I am so impatient, I cannot wait a few days to get it via Elux:smile:
  13. Couturegrl you're so lucky! There's no LV here so, I have to wait. :crybaby:
    (I would love to wear my Damier Azur handbag on Nov. 2 but, I can't)

    I'm going to try to stay up and wait until the Damier Azur is up on eLUXURY.
  14. I pre-ordered thanks to a friend, but I might still check it out on elux!
  15. ****** is 8% today(10/31) for elux